Food Notes for May 7, 2012

If you missed last week’s Truck Stop, no worries, you still have four other opportunities to swing by McIntyre Park in Old Strathcona for some curbside eats! The vendor list for May 10 is here, and we’ll be updating the site with menus on Tuesday morning. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Save the date: Ronald McDonald House has announced the date of their second and third Red Shoe Crawls! It will be taking place in Old Strathcona on June 3, and on 124 Street on September 16. Tickets are available here. It was one of the best food events I attended last year, and I’m sure it will be another very well-organized outing.
  • Looks like we missed a great ramen pop-up in the storefront formerly occupied by Duchess (is there a weekend where something great hasn’t been in that space?!). Hope this comes up again – would love to give it a try!
  • I was looking for more information on Brad Smoliak’s new enterprise, Kitchen. If you’re curious, the website has more information about the private cooking classes offered.
  • The website for the 124 Street Farmers’ Market is live! Check out a partial list of vendors here.
  • Riverbend Gardens is starting a CSA (community supported agriculture)! They need to hit 100 in order to make it viable; the cost is $150 for 6 weeks of delivery.
  • Annie sent me a link to a robot that makes sushi. I’m sure purists would never allow mechanically-made sushi to get past their lips, but perhaps this is the future?
  • We knew it was already in the works, but the paper sign makes it official: another pub is coming soon to 104 Street, in Icon II.

Kelly's Pub

Kelly’s Pub

  • Mack and I helped Thom celebrate his birthday at Olive Garden last night. We were actually looking forward to it, as it has been years since we’ve been exposed to baskets of endless breadsticks. Though I did enjoy the breadsticks, they weren’t as good as I remembered, and the pasta was overly greasy. I know it’s not fair to compare Olive Garden with a place like Corso 32, but it does blow my mind that I hear people remark that Corso is expensive, given their entree pasta price of $17-20 is identical to a big chain.

Olive Garden

Lasagna rollata al forno

Olive Garden

Shrimp mezzaluna

One thought on “Food Notes for May 7, 2012

  1. Too funny, Mike and I comment a lot on how ruined we are thanks to the great chefs in Edmonton. We’ll be out at a “chain” with the kids and pick about how we could be eating something better for the same price.  Spoiled brats that we are 😉 I think it’s my “cheap” ness too, when you know there’s better quality out there, how can you not compare?

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