Food Notes for April 23, 2012

  • It’s a sure sign of spring: farmers’ markets are moving outdoors! Salisbury is the first – join them for their “moving outdoors” celebration on April 26, 2012.
  • Cathy posted that Cally’s Teas is finally(!) open.
  • Marlow Moo wrote about Creole Envie, a catering company that also offers a weekly take-out special. Since good fried chicken is hard to come by, it sounds like they’re worth seeking out!
  • I spied Liane tweeting about My Empanadas last week. Looks like another great take-out option in Edmonton.
  • Marianne put up a review of Three Boars. I look forward to venturing down to try it myself soon!
  • It was great to hear that Leduc has chosen patios over parking. When will Edmonton do the same?
  • Make sure you vote for Homesteader Elementary School – they are one of ten finalists (and the only one from Alberta), who are in the running for $20,000 to construct an outdoor garden. You can vote until May 11, 2012.
  • Tourism Richmond has picked their twelve finalists for their Richmond 365 blogging project. Vote for your favourite – the top vote-getter will receive a bye to the finals, alongside two chosen by Tourism Richmond. It’s great to see finalists from as far away as Brooklyn, San Diego and London, England!
  • Perhaps set dinners will be the new way to date: New York’s Eater is a part of a dining series that offers singles a prix fixe dinner and the chance to mingle.
  • After visiting Blush Lane, I was hoping that Pangaea, the new organic food store located in Icon II on 104 Street, would carry similar products and variety. With only a small number of products on the shelves so far, it’s hard to judge what the store will be like when fully stocked (they plan to be ready by their June grand opening date). But for the moment, it seems like they are more similar to Planet Organic than Blush Lane, in its focus on organic certification instead of local sources.



  • I had a mid-week craving for poutine and burek, but wasn’t able to satisfy those cravings until the weekend. We headed to the Cheese Factory on Friday, and split small orders of ground beef and regular poutine, as well as beef and spinach and cheese burek. Delicious.

The Cheese Factory


The Cheese Factory


4 thoughts on “Food Notes for April 23, 2012

  1. Bet you didn’t know I make homemade burek! The people at The Cheese Factory are from Vanja’s country and the food there is his ethnic food. The pastry is very similar to Austrian strudel pastry – I have written about making burek twice when I traveled to Bosnia and Serbia on my website – and those posts are incredible for the pictures of this process. The burek at the cheese factory is good – but not as good as Elsada’s!!! Glad you went there, though. I also make homemade cevapi – and Vanja has come to tell me he likes the cevapi at the cheese factory better than mine??? Excuse me?
    Thank you so much for posting the school vote – did you vote? I DID! (for the school, I mean!)

  2. I think I did know you made homemade burek! Perhaps you’ll be making it for a future potluck :). And yes, I did vote!

  3. I still haven’t checked out their new location, but I will try their scones when I get there – thanks for the rec!

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