Food Notes for April 16, 2012

It was a bit of an exhausting weekend, but it was worth it! Our second annual Eat Alberta food conference took place at NAIT on Saturday, and I think the event was a success! I will write more about it this week. On to this week’s food notes:

  • West Edmonton Mall’s annual Taste of Bourbon Street takes place from 4-9pm on April 17. Mack and I attended the event last year.
  • Mack and I are looking forward to letting loose at the Shaw Conference Centre’s Hot Chefs, Cool bEATS event on April 21. It should be a great time! Here’s Chef Paul Shufelt’s take on the event.
  • Three Boars is now open! We’ve heard nothing but good things so far – it sounds like both a welcome addition to the neighbourhood and to Edmonton as a whole!
  • Edmonton will have another new food truck on the streets this summer – watch for Bombin’ Berts coming soon! They will be launching their truck at the Pride Parade festivities on June 9, 2012.
  • Liane wrote about the revamp of the Citadel’s restaurant space, courtesy of the folks behind Normand’s and Glenora Grill. It sounds like they hope that breakfast will be their ticket to breaking the curse – let’s hope it works. It’s a shame when such a prime location is underused.
  • Vue Weekly had a great feature on Food Dish Wishes and The Clever Rabbit – I had no idea the two were opened by entrepreneurial sisters.
  • The Journal also had an article about some of the frustrating red tape restaurants and cafes have to go through in order to set up patios outside of their storefronts.
  • There has been quite a bit of backlash against the City’s announcement of their Food in the City conference – is it a learning opportunity or a public consultation? If it’s the former, could they have picked a more cost-conscious venue? (for a quick comparison, the 2.5 day Food Today, Tomorrow conference I attended three years ago was $160). And if it’s the latter, is $175 considered a reasonable fee to be charging citizens to contribute their opinions? Worst of all is the scheduling – most of the producers who we should be consulting will be unable to attend because it is a market day. You can let the City know your thoughts about this here.

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for April 16, 2012

  1. So wish I could go to hot chefs, cool bEATS!  Am looking forward to reading about it here. 
    I did get a chance to visit Three Boars the other day… can I call it a hipster treehouse/log cabin – and mean that as a compliment?  We couldn’t get a table without a long wait so we went back for a late cocktail – unique vibe and yummy whisk(e)y cocktails – and I came away with some foodie news to boot… looking forward to a 2nd visit. 

  2. Hi there, tracy hyatt here from Westworld magazine. We are doing a short piece in the magazine about food trucks. Can we use one of your Flickr photos of the Drift Truck. You can reach me at

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