Food Notes for February 20, 2012

I hope you all had a great Family Day! After Sunday’s snow day, I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like, but it ended up being a pretty great day to spend outdoors. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Liane stoked the rumours about a possible Whole Foods in Edmonton.
  • The truck-to-brick-and-mortar trend continues with Nomad’s tweet that they will be opening a take-out window in Oliver Square in May.
  • Fans of David Adjey should look into La Pisana’s charity dinner, in support of the Leduc Food Bank. $100 will get you a five-course Italian dinner, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with the Food Network star on March 10.
  • Vue Weekly had a great coffee feature last week, sitting down with the proprietors of Transcend, Credo, Elm Cafe, Cafe Haven on their coffee philosophies and what they think of their chain competition.
  • Chef Chuck Hughes was in Alberta earlier this week, awarding a $25,000 Real Food grant to an elementary school in Red Deer. Valerie was able to take part in the day, and also had the opportunity to speak with a Hellmann’s representative and Chef Hughes about the company’s “real food” philosophy. Worth a read.
  • When we visited Bles Wold back in 2010, Tinie had talked about wanting to start a line of yogurt drinks. I noticed them on the shelves at the Italian Centre this weekend, and we bought a few to try – they were thicker than Yop, but less sweet. Bles Wold has also started selling Greek-style yogurt – great for them, since the market for Greek yogurt seems to be on the rise.

Bles Wold

Bles Wold’s Sip

Bles Wold

Bles Wold’s Greek yogurt

  • Mack and I stopped by Remedy’s new downtown location on an evening stroll last week. We’re hoping the fluorescents are replaced with warmer lights that match the wall colours, but other than that, it’s a comfortable addition to the neighbourhood. We enjoyed the chai as well!

Remedy Cafe

Chai from Remedy

  • We headed to Latitude 53’s first ever patio parka party on Saturday night, taking advantage of the mild winter night. With mulled wine and heat lamps, plus the wind-sheltered patio, it actually wasn’t bad! We hope Latitude continues the series!

Latitude 53

Partying on the patio!

Latitude 53

We loved the branch and light-filled tunnel that connected the indoors with the outdoors

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 20, 2012

  1. LOVE Bles Wold’s Greek Yogurt!! AMAZING!!  Great to eat “as is” and for use in cooking!! can’t say enough good things about it.

  2. That sounds like great feedback – I have yet to try it, but will pick it up on our next trip to the Italian Centre.

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