Food Notes for February 13, 2012

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in Blink! We had no idea the response would be so overwhelming (we sold out in twelve hours), but I think it bodes well for future pop-up initiatives. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Still looking for Valentine’s Day ideas? City and Dale had a great list last week.
  • Latitude 53’s first annual Patio Parka Party should be a blast! It is being catered by Elm Cafe, Upper Crust and The Bothy.
  • Winefest is back, on February 17-18 at the Shaw Conference Centre.
  • Remedy’s new location downtown (10279 Jasper Avenue) is now open! One of the best things is they are open until midnight – great to have more casual late night options in the area.
  • Chef Shane Chartrand left L2 Grill and is now cooking at Murietta’s.
  • Liane revealed today that NAIT’s 2012 Chef in Residence is another Food Network alum, Massimo Capra, of Restaurant Makeover fame.
  • Liane also posted that Come Dine With Me Canada will be filming in Edmonton this year. I find it an odd choice for Edmonton Tourism to woo, as it doesn’t necessarily highlight the city in the same way as a show like Eat St., and actually, never seems to paint the amateur chefs in a very good light.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how Edmonton’s Food and Agricultural Strategy shapes up – also from Liane, a short interview with Aaron Falkenberg, the man who is in charge of the project.
  • Mack and I checked out the new Lucky Supermarket (I want to call it “Lucky 127” for old times sake) that recently opened up at 13851 127 Street. It’s a beautiful store, with a lot more room than the Chinatown location (they even have a eating area). They also have a large halal meat and product section – it will be interesting to see how it will affect the neighbouring Superstore’s business.

Lucky Supermarket

Lucky Supermarket

Lucky Supermarket


  • We were also uncharacteristically in the suburbs on the weekend, checking out the Currents of Windermere (and we thought Creekside Chapelle was on the edge). We ended up stopping at the Tim Horton’s/Cold Stone Creamery there, which has been open for about a month. I know there are other dual outlets in the city, but this was our first visit to one. The sizes were much smaller than Marble Slab, seemed much more expensive (a small was $2.89), and there were less mix-in options. I had my usual vanilla and cookie dough combination, and I have to say I prefer Marble Slab’s ice cream. That said, Mack’s Tim Horton’s double-double flavour was the clear winner – it tasted exactly like coffee with a cream finish. Short of satisfying a coffee ice cream craving, however, I think we’ll be back at Marble Slab more often.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery at Tim Horton’s

Cold Stone Creamery

Ice cream

Happy Valentine’s Day – hope you have a great one with your loved one!

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 13, 2012

  1. Massimo? That is an interesting choice for NAIT celebrity chef wise as there are SO many others – and definitely time for a female to come in!
    I cannot imagine who would even want to be in Come Dine With Me. The idea completely appeals to me and it would have been a riot – had I not seen what they do with the editing. I cannot believe there are more than one season for a show like this… certainly, the first season would be the only season they would get real food enthusiasts truly interested in having some good clean culinary fun. I have even lost respect for the hosts. It is a sham of a show. Food Network Canada should be out there working to celebrate Canadian Food in a Canadian way.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    In response to your note regarding Come Dine with Me Canada, this is the first time the series will be filming outside of Ontario, therefore they will be highlighting the cities they travel to as part of the new episodes. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase Edmontonians who are passionate about our city, our hospitality, and our food scene to a national audience on W’s highest-rated lifestyle program – averaging 1.4 million viewers per week.

    Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (Edmonton Tourism)

  3. CDWM is a British institution. Its based on caustic sarcasm and is truly funny, and you can totally see why its a cult show there.

    I haven’t watched the Canadian version, unfortunately, and its sad that they obviously trying to follow the reasons the Brit show is such a huge success, but failing, because Canadians are so much nicer than the Brits (meant in a very tongue in cheek way, of course, seeing as I am a Brit myself :))

    I don’t think British shows that are based on sarcasm and really dry humour translate very well to Canada, or for that matter North America. No offense meant, but the two countries do TV very differently in many ways. A show like CDWM can be a massive success in the UK, but totally not go over very well here. Shame, actually, because I think it could have had great potential. I am tempted to enter, but I think I’ve done enough reality shows for my lifetime 🙂

  4. I completely agree about Coldstone Creamery.  I took the kids from my work there, and it really wasn’t very good. There isn’t nearly as much variety and it’s more expensive.

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