Food Notes for January 30, 2012

January has just flown by! I hope you’re out enjoying the beautiful winter days and nights! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Everything Cheese is hosting an open house on February 8, 2012 (there’s a 10% coupon at the end of the e-mail as well).
  • Liane announced that Highlands Kitchen has been sold to Darren Zwicker and Maria Chau of Cellar Door. Hopefully some of the menu items that were featured on the recently filmed episode of You Gotta Eat Here will be preserved!
  • Chris pointed me to a CBC piece about De Dutch, a popular BC-based breakfast chain that is set to move into the Cambridge Lofts this June.
  • Maki and Liane posted reports of how the first ever Dishcrawl event in Edmonton went. While it looks tasty, and I like the idea of a food crawl (especially one that encourages pedestrianism), the fact that Sabzy was only given $4 to cover food costs, one has to think the profit margins for the organizer are unbelievably high.
  • Liane had a feature on the trend of restaurants merging philosophies of lifestyle and food.
  • New Level Pizza sounds an awful lot like an underground supper club – invite- and members- only, it is a way for Chad Moss and Jeff Johnson of Transcend to share their love of pizza.
  • Also from Kevin – a video montage of what you missed at the latest pop-up dinner from Nomad Mobile, in celebration of Robbie Burns Day.
  • Wanted a second opinion on Vivo? Here’s one from Liv.
  • Phil posted on an easy-t0-miss family-run eatery, Lan’s Asian Grill.
  • Hot on the heels of City and Dale’s list of restaurants to try in 2012, Cream and Sugar put forth their favourite places to eat in Edmonton.
  • Love macarons? Then you have to take a look at Valerie’s recap on Mirabelle Macarons’ Taste Tripping class that happened earlier this month.
  • I was sad to hear about Saxby’s bankrupcy – it will affect small businesses like Van Os Dairy (who will not be at the City Market for the next few weeks, and until they secure an alternate manufacturer).
  • Sounds like Calgary had a great event over the weekend called Calgary Eats, featuring a panel discussion about some of the issues that chefs trying to source locally face. Jennifer Cockrall-King recaps it here.
  • In a related story, the Calgary Herald asks: does Calgary have food deserts? I’d be interested in seeing similar data in Edmonton, cross-referenced against the current restrictive covenants.
  • Have you seen the recent McDonald’s campaign, targeting parents by using mommy bloggers as their spokespeople? I can imagine it is scarily effective.
  • While in the neighbourhood for a meeting on Friday, I stopped by Battista’s Calzones to pick up some of their frozen, pre-baked calzones ($6 each) for supper that night (they also have other take-home products, including marinara sauce, mama’s meatballs and homemade dough). We popped them into the oven on a pizza stone for about 15 minutes at 350F, and they came out hot and crispy. An easy but tasty solution to the question, “what’s for dinner?”, especially since Battista’s isn’t open late!

Battista's Calzones

Frozen calzones

  • I was on hand for the Groundhog Day festivities at the City Market on Saturday, with an inspired poetry reading, among other things. I also came across a new vendor, called 100km Kitchen, based out of Drayton Valley. They make preserves from locally-harvested fruit and vegetables. Their jars are particularly lovely, and the apple butter I brought home to try was great on toast, but I think will be even better with some pork! They’ll be back at the City Market on February 25, 2012.

City Market

Can you see the groundhog made of balloons?

City Market

Margarita and Patty of 100km Kitchen

  • I met up with Annie and May at Gama Cafe (10418 82Ave) on Saturday to catch up and try the intriguingly named green cap milk tea ($5), featuring a layer of salted cheese (you can see the menu here). The drink itself was actually pretty good, less salty than we expected, with a creamy effect when combined with the tea. The green tea itself was delicious, and something I would consider going back for, sweetened just right. We also tried the Taiwanese red bean ($2 for 2) and melting gold cakes ($4 for 2), made fresh to order. I preferred the sweetness of the latter, but the fluffy cake shell was tasty. So although we enjoyed the food and drink, we couldn’t fathom why they took forty minutes to arrive. The hard wooden benches were also not particularly comfortable, so we probably wouldn’t have lingered if our order had arrived sooner. In the future, I think I’d opt for a to-go order instead.

Gama Store

Green cap milk tea

Gama Store

Annie with her melting gold cake

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 30, 2012

  1. Thanks for including the recap about Mirabelle Macarons class-my friend and I will be in attendance at the next one. We can hardly wait!! Also, been wanting to try the special green tea drink at Gama. Just reading your entry reassured me to go venture out and try it.

  2. i love the custard cakes from gama store! i’m also mildly acquainted with the owners of the store–nice people! … but the cakes, yum!!!

  3. Sharon – there are some very profoundly important links in this post. I don’t have the connections of the ability to connect to get this information in the timely fashion you do – so without you, would not be nearly as informed about some really important social food issues and I really appreciate it.
    And, yes, that you for the shout out re the macaron class! Always appreciated. Always!

  4. Does anyone know what happened with Highlands Kitchen? Tried calling to make a reservation and the voicemail said “Creole Envie, formerly Highlands Kitchen, opening October 22.” Any info would be great please!

  5. It looks like Creole Envie bought out Highlands Kitchen. A bit of a shame, since the restaurant was great! At least it is staying put in local hands though!

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