Food Notes for January 9, 2012

  • Fork Fest is coming, January 15-19 and 22-26, 2012, with prix fixe menus priced at $25 and $45. Less than a week away, it’d be nice if the menus were already up on the website, but they’re usually tardy.
  • Mark your calendars: Big City Sandwich will be hosting their next pop-up on January 22, 2012 at the Billiard Club (tequila lime chicken sandwich, anyone?). Mack and I attended the first kitchen takeover, and it was a delicious experience.
  • Valerie sent me a note about Dishcrawl, a San Francisco-based company that organizes restaurant crawls all across North America. Their first Edmonton event takes place on January 25, and is nearly sold out! Great to hear there is an appetite for this kind of “communal” dining.
  • We were happy to hear that Filistix is expanding their campus kiosks to include a location downtown, at Grant MacEwan’s Robbins Health Learning Centre. Check them out when they open on January 23!
  • Liane wrote that Culina Muttart started dinner service! Look for a seasonal menu every Thursday night from 5-9pm (I hope the City of Edmonton page is updated to reflect these changes, too).
  • Liane posted that Packrat Louie purchased Cafe Select downtown.
  • CHARCUT, pioneers of the alley burger, are following another trend this time around: the pop-up restaurant. CHARPOP runs January 15-17, 2012. The location is secret, and only accessible on their website with a password e-mailed to patrons lucky enough to score a reservation.
  • Mack sent me an article in Alberta Venture about the success of Bles Wold, a local dairy (who happens to make our favourite yogurt!).
  • Save the date: after a successful inaugural event last year, held on April 30, 2011, Eat Alberta will be returning to Edmonton on April 14, 2012. More details will be released soon, but if you want to be among the first to be informed, consider joining our mailing list.
  • I watched the first episode of You Gotta Eat Here last week. Host John Catucci has a good energy, and the production quality seems high (if I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives). My only minor disappointment was that they seemed to want to do too much, and showcase too many dishes. I thought there were some opportunities to focus more on each element the restaurants made from scratch that they used to build their menu (e.g. sausages, corn bread). What did you think?
  • With the movement towards foraged foods, this is a reminder that it can go horribly wrong when the proper knowledge isn’t applied – two patrons in Australia died after ingesting poisonous mushrooms foraged by a chef.
  • The space that formerly housed The Butler Did It (10130 105 Street) is getting a makeover. As reported in January/February issue of The Tomato, “Brad Smoliak is cooking up something…Expect a research and development kitchen, cooking lessons, events and private dinners come March.”

The Butler Did It

Something’s cooking…

  • We stopped inside Cafe Tiramisu (10750 – 124 Street) to take a peek – the space is bright lovely, and features a separate playroom for children. Mack and I will be back to sample the menu (which a coworker has told me is quite good).

Cafe Tiramisu


Cafe Tiramisu


  • On the way back from the City Market, we stopped inside the food pavilion at Metropolis on Saturday. Both Molly’s Eats and Eva Sweet were there – nice to have the presence of food truck vendors even in the middle of winter!


Eva Sweet at Metropolis

  • Mack and I had lunch at Joey’s two weeks ago while shopping in South Common (it was a good excuse to use up a gift card we received two Christmases ago!). It’s been quite some time since we’d been there, with the menu having changed quite a bit. It was interesting to see a miso ramen on the menu – perhaps this speaks to the ramen really becoming a mainstream dish?


Mack’s lobster grilled cheese


My mushroom soup and Caesar salad

  • Although Mack’s already had half a dozen (if not more), I really enjoyed my first Credo coffee of 2012 last week.


Vanilla latte

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 9, 2012

  1. Nice to be all caught up in the world of food notes for this week. Can’t believe this was your first Credo coffee even though you live so close!

    I was wondering, after reading your Culinary Highlights 2011 and getting a sneak peak at your Toronto dining experience, will you be posting in more detail about your trip?

    Enjoy all your posts.

  2. Great food notes as usual. I also read about the CHARPOP concept…sounds interesting. I hope someone will blog about it (I’m sure someone will) because it sounds pretty interesting!

  3. Great recap – as always – I sent you the info about Dish Crawl with a question … to be honest, any company that charges in American dollars while doing business in my local food community is very suspect to me. They are an American owned company and through it is great that they are giving business to some of our local restaurants – and it is a really fun idea and will, no doubt, be a fun event, the fact that it is American owned had me say to them: I’m out.

  4. Jade – I live close, but save Credo lattes for occasional indulgences :). I always intended on writing about Toronto (and promised my sister I would!), and still hope to do so…just am unsure of the timeline. Thanks for reading!

    FoodieMcPoon – I look forward to reading more about it too. This Chowhound thread might have more later: I am most excited to see where the location ends up being – I hope it isn’t an existing restaurant, and is something they actually had to set up.

    Valerie – agreed with the suspect nature of charging American dollars, but perhaps with the interest of the community, there will be someone local who may piggyback off this and start an Edmonton-based company offering this service? One can only hope.

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