Food Notes for November 21, 2011

If the crowds at Make It were any indication, I think people are seriously getting ready for Christmas! Thankfully, that wasn’t the only opportunity to get locally-produced and handmade crafts. The Royal Bison takes place this coming weekend, November 26-27, 2011, with catering provided by Culina. On to this week’s food notes:



  • While at the University of Alberta last week, Mack and I were finally able to check out some of the kiosks run by some of the city’s food truck vendors, located in the basement of the Central Academic Building. Among them were Eva Sweet, Filistix, and Fat Franks. I’m a bit jealous that current students have such great options to choose from – I would have killed to have the option of starting my day with a savoury breakfast waffle topped with eggs and bacon, a lunch of pulled pork with apple chipotle bbq sauce, or an international dog of the week (like a Peking Dog with hoisin sauce). The kiosks are open 10am-4pm – check ‘em out if you’re down on campus!

Filistix and Eva Sweet

Filistix and Eva Sweet share a kiosk

Eva Sweet

Who can say no to breakfast waffles?

Fat Franks

Fat Franks

  • We had a chance to stop by the McCafe in Commerce Place last week (incentive being, of course, the 2-for-1 coupons we received in the mail). Mack ordered a latte with a sugar-free vanilla shot, while I opted for a mocha (menu here). They are push-button drinks, made from machines similar to the ones seen in some self-serve cafe areas of hotels now. We liked the real milk (which gives McDonald’s a real advantage over Tim Horton’s), but even with the slight discount over Starbucks, we likely wouldn’t choose McCafe if there was a Starbucks nearby.




Pastry case


Our drinks

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3 thoughts on “Food Notes for November 21, 2011

  1. Bubba’s Bbq is finally open for business as of last Friday in the new location with the menu and price the same as before and one item per day again in the same order. Pulled pork sandwich was offered today.

  2. Jim – thanks for the heads up! My Dad should be heading over there promptly :).

    Kevin – I, too am sad. Glad to hear Inspired will continue in some capacity though.

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