Food Notes for October 31, 2011



  • I dragged Mack to Southgate for some window shopping, and thought the least I could do was reward him with some poutine! It was a good excuse to try New York Fries’ other “gourmet” poutine, featuring short ribs and a red wine reduction. The beef was actually not that bad, and the gravy-like sauce tasted not much different than a typical poutine sauce. The carrots should have been strained out though – it was a little odd to encounter anything remotely healthy in the poutine, heh.

New York Fries

Short rib poutine

  • I think the number of poutine pictures I’ve shared is only perhaps rivalled by the number of pho pictures I’ve shared. So here’s another one – from lunch at Pho Tau Bay on Tuesday.

Pho Tau Bay

Pho with beef balls

  • Attending a conference at the Radisson Hotel last week, I noticed they featured sparkling water in the meeting and banquet rooms. Not necessarily a selling feature, but a nice touch – I wonder if this will become more common in hotels (and restaurants)?


Sparkling water at the Radisson

  • Did you know the Queen of Tarts offers challah bread (now on Fridays). We picked up a loaf for French toast. Delicious!

French Toast

French toast

  • I hope you had a good Halloween! Mack and I didn’t end up doing much, except carve a very rudimentary jack o’ lantern. What can we say – it’s our first!


Meet Jack (ignore the Christmas lights behind him)

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