Food Notes for October 17, 2011

When I think about what kind of sissy I am when it usually comes to shows that involve gore or suspense, I’m not sure how I’ve become such a fan of The Walking Dead. But it happened, so I’m happy it’s back! We’ll see how the show evolves now that series creator Frank Darabont is no longer involved, but if the momentum from yesterday’s episode continues, it will be a good year! On to this week’s food notes:

Meguro Ramen

Meguro Ramen

  • When I saw containers of Ching’s Secret Schezwan Bhel on the shelves at Superstore, I couldn’t help but pick one up (they were 33cents!). I was morbidly curious with what kind of “shake and eat” snack it would be. Turns out – not one that is remotely edible. The goopy-sweet sauce over the crackling-like chips were far from anything I’d want to eat. Have you tried this?

Ching's Secret

Ching’s Secret

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for October 17, 2011

  1. Thanks for this post and so many more like it! I really appreciate the work that you do to promote Edmonton’s food & food-related scene, and your blog is my most frequently visited site. It’s heartening that there are engaged citizens such as yourself in this city – it makes it a better place to live!

  2. OMG! Schezwan Bhel? Please kill me now… actually no, wait till you have my bhel puri first!

    Bhel is a street snack in India, usually made with puffed rice, a couple of spicy and sweet sauces and sprinkled over with crispy noodles and coriander.

  3. Kim – I talked about it in last week’s Food Notes – we saw the premiere episode two weeks ago. I thought it was more fast-paced, funnier, and thus more entertaining than the series’ predecessor. What did you think?

    Amanda – thank you for reading! It’s a fun hobby for me, so I’ll continue to do it. It helps to know that people find it useful, though!

    Jill – yes, she was!

    Michelle – I figured it had to be some sort of popular snack somewhere in order to make it onto the shelves of Superstore. I’m also sure that the version sold on the streets of India would have to be tastier…I could barely eat a bite of this one! What is bhel puri?

  4. I had Tonkatsu Ramen for the first time in Las Vegas,and I’ve been craving it since I’ve come home…here is hoping Meguro offers a HUGE and authentic Ramen experience! (no Udon please…I’m so bored of Udon!)

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