Food Notes for October 10, 2011

Want to win two free tickets for anywhere WestJet flies? Then head to Mack’s blog and answer one simple question: what was your most memorable volunteer experience in Edmonton? On to this week’s food notes:

  • Noorish held their grand opening on October 8, 2011. Did anyone attend?
  • Liane posted about a series of dinners the Queen of Tarts will be hosting. Starting on October 22, guest chefs will be cooking up $45 five-course prix fixe dinners in order to ease the cafe into dinner service.
  • Jacek chocolate is back! After taking a break to have her first child, Jacqueline Jacek debuted her new collection of couture chocolate last week. Check out the Ruby & Gold Collection here.
  • Three Edmonton restaurants will apparently be featured on an upcoming episode of a new Food Network show called You Gotta Eat Here: Highlands Kitchen, Tres Carnales and The Sugar Bowl. Looking forward to seeing the local eateries highlighted!
  • On a related note, Eat St. was just in Calgary to film three of their trucks: Perogy Boyz, Fries and Dolls and the Alley Burger truck. Is it time to launch a campaign to bring the show to Edmonton?
  • While at Southgate for the Crate & Barrel opening on Wednesday, I spotted a New Asian Village Express in the food court. It’s great to see a local restaurant chain “infiltrating” a food court!

New Asian Village Express

New Asian Village Express

  • Mack, my parents and I joined over a hundred other guests at The Lingnan on Tuesday to preview The Quon Dynasty, the new reality series featuring the restaurant family. It’s much more fast-paced than the previous Family Restaurant, and as a result, is more entertaining and funnier to boot. Watch the first episode on CityTV on October 16 at 8pm.

With the Quons

With Kinman, Amy and Marty Quon

  • I attended the Metropolis press conference on Thursday to find out more about the new winter festival, which debuts on Churchill Square on December 31, 2011. It’ll be interesting to see what the structures look like in person, but I do hope it lives up to the expectations surrounding the event. Among the six pavilions will be a Polar Brewhouse, which will be run by the Canadian Brew House, and a Taste of Winter pavilion, which will feature up to twelve restaurants. Given it is a new event, I’ll be open to seeing how the Taste portion will be run, but I’m not sure it’ll be much better than a typical Taste of Edmonton year.


Brewhouse and Taste pavilion mock-ups

  • I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! My family gathered around a lovely meal cooked by my Mum – in addition to turkey and sides, she also made spring rolls wrapped with caul fat (from Irvings). Although they weren’t as crispy as she would have liked, they were still pretty good!

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

  • I used some of the leftover three-cheese mac and cheese that I had made for dinner to make Mack a sandwich the next day, inspired by something we had seen on Food Network. Though it was tasty enough, we both figured it probably would have been better (read: cheesier) if the macaroni had gone straight from the oven and into the sandwich.

Mac and cheese sandwich

Mac and cheese sandwich

  • It’s hard not to be thankful when our weather has been so gorgeous!


Footbridge in the fall

Have a good week everyone!

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for October 10, 2011

  1. I attended the grand opening of Noorish. I have photos of the delicious food. Hopefully I will be able to post them to my blog tonight

  2. A lovely round up of food events, Sharon. Hope you had a great thanksgiving.

    I do like the gulab jamuns at the New Asian Express in Southgate, they are my dessert of choice when shopping there, but I wasn’t too impressed with the tandoori chicken. Could have done with a lot more flavour.

    But at the same time, it is heartening to see their presence in a food court dominated by chains. I also eat at Savoy’s Health Food cafe, opposite Southgate near the Sobey’s and despite the unprepossessing exterior and interior, it’s probably the best South Indian food I’ve had in Edmonton. And that’s saying a lot, because I am very picky when it comes to Indian food 🙂

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