Food Notes for September 5, 2011

The long weekend was lovely, wasn’t it? Mack and I stole away to Calgary for a few days, which was a nice break, but once we got back, we also managed to catch up on some sleep! Hope you had an enjoyable few days as well. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Fans of Family Restaurant, mark your calendars: The Quon Dynasty, the new television series about the family behind The Lingnan, debuts on CityTV on October 16 at 8pm.
  • Congrats to Eva Sweet, who will be opening up their first non-mobile location at the University of Alberta campus on September 6. Find them in the CAB Building.
  • I wasn’t able to grab a picture of it, but Cafe Beirut will be opening a restaurant downtown on Jasper Avenue and 112 Street called Taste of Lebanon.
  • There’s a new Italian restaurant on the west end called Vivo.
  • Michelle wrote a great piece about Chai Pani – definitely worth a read.
  • Did you know Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton now sells their own fresh-pressed apple cider (as well as sour cherry & amaretto saucy syrup, spiced saskatoon jam and cider jelly)? Find them at the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market.
  • Now this is a labour of love: ajvar (red pepper spread) made from scratch.
  • Last week, I had a craving for pho and decided to try Xu Hue (in the space previously occupied by Pho Anh Dao). It was recommended by someone who said that it was a favourite of the Vietnamese community. Service was fast, and the pho was good (the filet could have been a touch more tender), but what struck me most was how much of a family-friendly restaurant it was. The owner’s daughters were playing at the front, watching the TV tuned to the Family Channel. And a picky young boy, dining with his mother was presented with a bowl of plain rice noodles to eat (or play with). I still have a soft spot for Pho Tau Bay, but I wouldn’t hesitate to come back.

Xu Hue

Medium rare beef fillet noodle soup (large $7.65)

  • While in Calgary, we stopped by Good Earth for an iced coffee (don’t – it tasted like coffee-flavoured water). While there though, we found a smiling picture of Brad Smoliak on the counter – it looks like he has developed their new food menu. I’m sure it will be better than the iced coffee.


Good Earth

  • Mack and I had missed the last food truck meet-up in Victoria Park because we were attending Heritage Days, so we were happy to get down there this afternoon. It was a brisk walk from Grandin Station, but given the weather, not a chore at all. The crowds weren’t large, but those who were taking in the trucks were making the most of it! We can only hope mini gatherings like this will be more common in Edmonton’s mobile cuisine future.


Molly’s Eats, Drift and Carnival Cravings offer the perfect picnic food!


Beautiful day

Pedestrian bridge

We also took the scenic route (on our way to Southgate) – across the pedestrian bridge…


…and through the trees!

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for September 5, 2011

  1. Across the bridge and through the trees are my favourite shots – especially through the trees. Great read. Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend. It is so fun just to get away!
    Thanks for the ajvar shout out…

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Sharon, much appreciated. Really enjoy your food notes, its my go0to page for events in Edmonton.

    Looks like you had a great time in Calgary. I am yet to visit, but I heard the zoo is great 🙂

  3. Valerie – taking the long way also forces us to exercise :). Always love reading about your cooking!

    Michelle – you’re welcome, and thanks for reading! Yeah, the Zoo is always fun. I’m sure your little one would enjoy it!

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