Food Notes for August 16, 2011

I guess Fringing all day on Sunday took more out of me than I thought – I had to go to bed early last night just to recover (so, no food notes until today). I’m looking forward to spending most of this week on the grounds though – there’s just so many more plays to see! On to this week’s food notes:

  • I have yet to write about the fabulous Old Strathcona Red Shoe Crawl that Mack and I enjoyed last week, but if you missed it, Yelp is organizing something along the same lines – a crawl of East Whyte Ave. It’s on from August 14 to 21, 2011, and includes deals such as 2-for-1 cupcakes at Flirt!
  • If the Fringe isn’t your thing, the annual East Meets West Festival starts this weekend, starting August 20 and running until August 28. The festival just seems to get bigger every year – check out the schedule of events here.
  • Kerstin’s Chocolates will be selling their Vahlrona ice cream at the City Market on August 20, 27 and September 3.
  • I might be in denial that summer is rapidly coming to a close, but it does mean that harvest season is just around the corner: the Prairie Bistro will be celebrating fall with a harvest dinner on September 1, 2011.
  • Rumour alert: Remedy Cafe is said to be opening another location in the downtown space currently held by Health Fare (10279 Jasper Avenue).
  • Look for popular Ethiopian restaurant Langano Skies to re-open at the end of the month.
  • Transcend’s new food menu is now in full swing! Check out their new food and liquor menus (the food is available at all three locations, while the alcohol is only available at the downtown and Garneau locations). Chris also wrote about the food here.
  • Battista’s Calzones also debuted two new additions to their menu: a savoury pesto calzone, and a nutella dessert calzone!
  • An enterprising young Edmontonian is looking at jumping into the local food truck scene – follow along on this blog. Good luck!
  • Slow Food Edmonton held its first ever “canning bee” on Sunday – it looked like a lot of fun! Read all about it on Valerie’s blog.
  • It was great to see wood-fired ovens featured in the Journal (and even better to read what Colleen, Vince and Kevin had to say)!
  • I had no idea there was a locally-made series called The People That Touch Your Food until I read about it in Vue. It was filmed at Upper Crust and chronicles the “adventures of a dysfunctional restaurant staff.”
  • I was excited to see that the Taste of Trucks event in Calgary, put on by YYCFoodTrucks was a huge success. I think we can learn from our neighbours, but I also think there is some great momentum in our province that we can build on in Edmonton.
  • There was a huge outpouring of support on the blogosphere for a mother of two who just lost her husband. How? Food bloggers all across North America responded to her call to make Mikey’s favourite chocolate peanut butter pie to share with a loved one.
  • Whyte is getting some new additions: one chain, and one local chain.


A DQ/Orange Julius will be opening up in the vacant Death by Chocolate space (8137 104 Street)


Famoso will be opening up in the Le Chateau space at 10421 82 Avenue (and also adding a West Edmonton Mall location to boot)

  • Marilyn had Mack and I over for dinner last week (she now has a blog too; check it out!). We had cake for dessert…well, sort of. She made a delicious cauliflower parmesan cake, and green beans with bacon. I brought a blueberry buckle – it was similar to a coffee cake, but I could have done with half the amount of sweet crumble. Still, we loved the cake itself, and I would make it again. Thanks, Marilyn, for the invitation!

Blueberry Buckle

Blueberry Buckle

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 16, 2011

  1. I’m happy that Whyte Avenue is getting a Famoso.

    But, I did wince a bit when I saw that DQ is opening up on the corner of Whyte and Calgary Trail South. It just doesn’t seem to be the right fit for some reason. That corner has always been an odd corner- “Grabba Jabba”, “Timothy’s”, “Death by Chocolate”.

    I think having a DQ there will just make me yearn for apple struedel at Block 1912 that much more.

  2. What an update! I just spent about 45 minutes following up all of your links! Very sad about Jennifer’s husband. I have followed her and this was a huge shock. So much to keep up with an you do it so very well. I appreciate that you distill the essence of so much. I also never knew about the Upper Crust shows… and it sounds so interesting!
    Thank you,

  3. I agree with Buddha Pest. I can’t believe they’re placing chain restaurants along Whyte Ave. First there was a Subway and now a Dairy Queen right smack on the corner of what was always an independent space. Even though there’s an A&W in the area, it’s still a little ways down the Ave rather than on the main street. What is happening to Whyte Ave?? So many independent stores were lost due to rising rental costs so they put chain restaurants in place. Soon Whyte Ave will lose its appeal for being eclectic and most of all, for being INDEPENDENT.

    DQ is an eyesore on that corner. I am truly disgusted.

  4. I was shocked to see the DQ on Whyte…isn’t there some sort of agreement to limit chains on that street?

    Also thanks for the link love and for sending so many people my way!

  5. Once again, from an outsider looking in: It is funny you guys are bashing DQ for being a chain; yet, seem to forget that Death by Chocolate is also a chain… Also, given that Famoso has so many locations, isn’t it considered to a “chain”, too?

    I do agree I would have preferred something else; the question is what? We already have three coffee shops (is there space for a Transcend, as well???), a handful of ice cream shops and so on. The thought-of strip club at the other side of the block created some fuss so I guess that won’t have worked either. Come to think about it an izakaya would have worked great; it is just the question of whether there is enough critical mass for it.

  6. I agree with Kim that the gentrification of Whyte Ave only seems to be directed at certain stores. For example, when Lululemon arrived in Edmonton – people were excited and did not care it was a chain. Now that Gravity Pope has locations in Calgary and Vancouver, is that now considered a “chain”? Oak + Fort has a location in Vancouver as well, but there was no one complained they were a “chain”. I would rather the space be occupied and be occupied so they can employ people, instead of sitting empty in the hopes that something “independent” can move in.

  7. Marilyn – of course! I know others will enjoy reading your blog too :).

    Kim and Shermie – there should be a balance though. I agree that empty, vacant storefronts on a pedestrian-friendly street aren’t good either, but if Whyte were to eventually be taken over entirely by chains, it just wouldn’t have the same character as it does now.

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