Food Notes for July 11, 2011

SOS Fest

The Pack A.D. performs

SOS Fest

Peds on the street!

SOS Fest

Food vendors

SOS Fest

Mack even met the Biebs!

  • We haven’t been dining al fresco as much as we would have liked this year, so it was nice to grab the opportunity last week.

Al Fresco

Dining outdoors

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for July 11, 2011

  1. I wonder if there be a Wild Boar event this year from Slow Food Edmonton. I haven’t heard anything about this so far this year.

  2. Valerie – I’m a bit jealous that she got to meet the Duke and Duchess :).

    KatyBelle – me too, I still haven’t been!

    Jim – no, unfortunately, there won’t be a Beer and Boar event this year. Since it is a volunteer-run event, it depends on SFE volunteers to step up and organize it. Hopefully this happens next year!

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