City Market Report: Week 2

Though it was a bit chilly this morning, the sun was shining on the City Market again (can we make it three in a row next week?).

City Market - May 28

Morning at the market

Mack and I weren’t able to take quite the same leisurely pace as we did last week because we had wanted to make it to a few other events this morning, but we also wanted to ensure we had our groceries for the week.

City Market - May 28

Tomatoes from Gull Valley Greenhouses

City Market - May 28

Sorrel from Greens, Eggs and Ham

City Market - May 28

Rhubarb from Edgar Farms

This time of the year is always so magical – every passing week brings more and more produce, and often, it’s not until a trip to the market reveals exactly what’s in season at that particular time.

City Market - May 28

Radishes from Riverbend Gardens

City Market - May 28

Spinach from Green Valley Farm

We had picked up a pot of pre-planted lettuces from Kuhlmann’s last week, but we also loved the mini herb containers from Riverbend Gardens. We bought one for someone special, who we know uses lots of fresh herbs.

City Market - May 28

Mini herb containers from Riverbend Gardens

City Market - May 28

Flowers from Kuhlmann’s

We came across a new vendor, Little Shoots Neighbourhood Farm. On a different day, I’d like to learn more about them, but it sounds like they’re doing something really interesting – growing microgreens out of one of their residences. They had pea and bean shoots for sale, as well as mixtures of kale, cabbage and kohlrabi shoots, but will have more variety next week.

City Market - May 28

Little Shoots Neighbourhood Farm

While shopping, we ran into Ben Weir, a finalist in the CHG Top Chef competition, and Valerie, who would be one of his sous chefs for the finale. We spied asparagus in their cart, so knew that would be on the menu tonight!

City Market - May 28

Ben and Valerie

The City Market started offering its veggie valet service again (where patrons can leave their purchases with the information desk, to be picked up at the end of the market day to allow them to enjoy the downtown free of bags).

City Market - May 28

Veggie valet!

Before heading to our next stop that morning, we grabbed a breakfast bowl ($6) from the Fork and Spoon Brigade. It was definitely a hearty breakfast, made with three eggs, Irvings tomato and basil sausage, baby potatoes, bell peppers, green onions, and shredded cheese. Bonus: it was very easy to smuggle onto the bus in my purse (given open foods aren’t usually permitted).

City Market - May 28

Breakfast bowl, complete with a fork and a spoon! (I am hopeful that they might consider paper and plant-based containers and cutlery in the future)

It was a bit fortuitous that we returned to our street earlier in the afternoon than we’d planned for, and thus, were able to catch a performance that was a part of the City Market’s Chinese Festival.

City Market - May 28

Lion dance

City Market

The lions then started a procession down the aisles!

City Market - May 28

Fan dancers from above

Watch for other cultural festivals in the coming weeks – they certainly add some excitement and colour to the market. See you next week!

5 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 2

  1. Sharon, I love all your photos! I haven’t been able to make it to the City Market yet this year…but fingers crossed for this weekend!

  2. Hi Sharon
    I’m just back from three months in Europe where I shopped at open air market twice weekly in the German town I used as home, and throughout Italy. Given the small fridges and virtually no deep freezers, people buy fresh and so much organic. SLOW FOOD is simply a way of life.
    What joy to return to your blog to see your photos of our own.

  3. Great review – love the market – fun shot of Chef A Canadian Foodie. Hilarious, actually. I never worked so hard as I did that day. Well, I have worked WAY harder when I was younger, but I just can’t take it the way I used to. It was a fun day, though!

  4. Courtenay – thanks! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too :).

    Katharine – where in Europe were you? I am super jealous! But at least you are back in Alberta when the produce is greening up as we speak!

    Valerie – loved that we ran into you and Ben. I was hoping we might run into Shirley too, but we weren’t at the market too long. You did work yourself hard, Val; you consistently amaze me with your energy.

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