Food Notes for May 16, 2011

Doesn’t it feel like summer just arrived without a real transition from spring? The trees are struggling to green up to match the sunny skies! Hope you’re out making the most of it too! On to this week’s food notes:

Edmonton Public Schools Foundation Breakfast

Our table

  • Look for another Greek take out spot just down from Opa on Whyte and 103 Street, called Greek to Go.

Greek to Go

Greek to Go

  • I met up with May at the Whyte Ave location of Daawat for dinner last week. It was pretty good, and for both of us, it was our first encounter with their sweet coconut naan. It was interesting, but we prefer our savoury breads as a dinner accompaniment!



  • The weather was so gorgeous, the City Market at City Hall moved outdoors on Saturday! Let’s hope the weather holds up when the market returns to 104 Street on May 21 – see you there!

City Market at City Hall

It was windy, but sunny!

City Market at City Hall

Kuhlmann’s had fiddlehead ferns

City Market at City Hall

Kuhlmann’s also had convenient salad bowls, already sprouting and good to go!

  • Eva Sweet has a brand new trailer! It was parked at Churchill Square this afternoon, but they’ve been trying out some other locations downtown, including Rice Howard Way and 104 Street during the week. Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date on where you can get your waffle fix!

Eva Sweet

Eva Sweet

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for May 16, 2011

  1. The Edo chain was brought to Alberta by Peter Kinjo of Kinjo’s in Calgary.

    He then moved on to restaurants and I was fortunate to have met Peter years ago when he was at Sakana Grill in Calgary. I have a sushi class certificate #00001 from Peter.

    His wife is just darling, teaches French and speaks numerous languages, (she came to that first class too!).

    He has a fun YouTube video Kinjo Sushi Project

    Peter Gilchrest did a recent review (March 2011) of the newest Kinjo restaurant in NW Calgary – I didn’t even know he had expanded. Guess I’ll have to visit and see for myself.

  2. Monica – that was something else I didn’t know! And I also hadn’t heard of Kinjo, so thanks for the link.

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