Edmonton’s Own Alley Burger

When an idea is as great as Charcut’s alley burger – involving $5 versions of their upscale burger sold from their back alley door – you know it is just a matter of time before it appears in other cities as well. Edmonton has jumped on the bandwagon, with Century Hospitality Group’s Hundred embracing their back alley to purvey $5 gourmet burgers.

Friday saw the debut of #yegalleyburger, widely publicized in both the Journal and Metro. For that reason, I figured it would be best to line up early, just in case, so we joined the line-up of half a dozen people at 9pm.


Felicia and Amanda made sure to dress for the weather

Hundred’s alley was without a dumpster, patrolling security guards, or the threat of passing cars, so it provided a bit of a different experience than standing in line outside Charcut. But perhaps the biggest disparity was the lack of devices and cameras being used. Sure, there were a few people snapping photographs and updating their statuses, but relatively few when compared with that night in Calgary.


The line at about 9:15

Eventually, there grew to be about 30-40 people standing in line, eagerly awaiting the back door to open. A few minutes before 9:30, Chef Andrew Cowan appeared, trading $5 for a Century Hospitality Group poker chip that would guarantee the bearer a burger.


Doesn’t it look like a shady exchange?



The kitchen was on top of things, as the burgers started coming out right at 9:30. We grabbed our burgers, loosely wrapped in paper, and headed back to the warmth of the condo.



It was well worth the wait – the patty was well cooked, with a ton of flavour, and the duck egg was a nice touch, but what the three of us were most drawn to was the peppery hit of the arugula. I’m sure that even Mack, ever the rocket-hater, would have enjoyed it as a fresh counterpoint to the beef. On that note – Jerry posted a video of his friend devouring a burger – warning: don’t watch it while hungry!

We read later on Twitter that some people were turned away, so if you are planning on snagging one next week, make sure to get there early! It was fun, Hundred – looking forward to the next one already!

Follow @cheftonyle, @chefcowan and @chefpshoey to find out the details of the next #yegalleyburger!

11 thoughts on “Edmonton’s Own Alley Burger

  1. We were in line around 9:15 ~ we never saw the poker chips and waited in the cold for an additional 30 minutes only to find out that… we waited for nothing… It would have been nice if someone actually told the poor freezing folk in the last half of the line that there were no more chips. I don’t think I would ever go again.

  2. YW, Chef Cowan did make it all the way down the line – were you standing in the right place? We were nearish the end of the line, arriving a little before 9, and we watched him greet everyone… Perhaps you arrived after he had already made the pass through to exchange money for chips. We assumed they did the chip exchange to make sure they prepare as many burgers without making too many.

    Arriving early is the trick. As it becomes more popular, as in Calgary’s event you would need to be there as soon as they tweet the time – I suspect an hour in advance wouldn’t be unsual.

  3. Yum! I’m sitting at work eating breakfast and I still want that burger. Looks like fun.

  4. Sharon, we were right behind you in line (a friend, my wife and me), the burgers were so good, we thought the arugula balanced the burger nicely, we talked to one of the chefs afterwards and he said they fried the burger in froie gras. So good. My wife has some pictures on her website and the journal photographer that was there took some awesome pictures too.

    YW – sorry for your bad luck, I thought the staff told everyone that did not have a chip that they would not be getting a burger. Dont be to disheartened it was their first go at it.

  5. YW – sorry to hear they missed you with the poker chips. As Monica and Trevor have said – don’t be disheartened; I hope you’re up for trying it again.

    Monica – I agree, I’m sure an hour wouldn’t be unusual, especially as the weather warms up.

    Trevor – cool, though I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet officially! She got some great photos. Hope to see you again at the next one!

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