Food Notes for March 28, 2011

With a little over a month to go, Eat Alberta has sold 50 tickets! There are still 10 available though, so don’t be discouraged. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Great to see West Edmonton Mall is continuing with their Taste of Bourbon Street. The second annual sampling is taking place this Wednesday, March 30 from 4-9pm. In addition to eats, you can also look forward to cooking demonstrations.
  • Want to learn more about the birds and the bees? Well, urban chicken coops and hives, that is. A presentation on April 21, 2011 at the Stanley Milner Library will be discussing the basics of keeping urban bees and backyard chickens, and how to ensure these options are available in the city. Patty Milligan (Lola Canola) and Laura Klassen Russell and Dr. Lori Hanson (from the River City Chickens Collective) will be presenting.
  • Brooke checked out the Beard Papa outlet that opened in recent months at WEM.
  • There was a great feature on Kevin Kossowan in the Journal this week, capturing a wild game cooking demonstration he hosted with Taste Tripping.
  • In an effort to expand relationships with local producers, Lux will be introducing a series of 3-course “From Market to Table” dinners in May, inspired by ingredients found at the City Market. The Century Hospitality Group as a whole is also going to start sourcing sustainably-fished Ocean Wise seafood.
  • Speaking of the Century Hospitality Group, they hosting their own in-house Top Chef-style tournament! Pretty cool.
  • This is an interesting thread about the heightened need to accommodate food allergies – how far is too far? On a related note, here’s a great TED Talk from a woman who wanted to pinpoint the cause of an increasing number of food allergies after her youngest child began reacting to food.
  • The NYT had a great piece about veggie burgers finally coming into their own.
  • So many food shows, so little time: watch for the first of two food-truck related series to debut on Food Network Canada on April 6, called Eat St. The show will highlight some of the best trucks in North America.
  • I passed a new Japanese restaurant on 105 Avenue and 101 Street over the weekend. It didn’t appear to be open yet though (but I could be wrong).

Yakitori Grill

Yakitori Grill

  • I noticed that Shine Bistro (in the Citadel Theatre complex) is now Vicki’s Gourmet Bistro & Catering. Anyone been yet?



  • La Poutine has their signage up! Their website has been changed to say their opening can be expected for April. I hope so – can’t wait for poutine!

La Poutine

La Poutine

  • But until then…Route 99 is still our go-to place for poutine, even if it isn’t authentic. And nothing says welcome back to Edmonton like comfort food (Mack was in London last week).

Route 99


  • It was a rather blustery, grey week in Edmonton. Perfect for a warming bowl of pho!

Pho Tau Bay

Pho Tau Bay

7 thoughts on “Food Notes for March 28, 2011

  1. I think this Yakitori place is more of a karaoke type place that serves Japanese food/snacks. Don’t quote me on that though. I was checking out their menu while having hot pot at King’s Noodle and Hot Pot. The same owner too I think.

  2. Hmm…could you post more info about the Bees/Chickens talk that you mentioned? The hyperlink doesn’t seem to work and you haven’t mentioned who is delivering the talk so I’m not sure how to track it down on Facebook.

    Thanks and I love your blog – I read every post!

  3. LeQuan – thanks for the information. I certainly didn’t know.

    Mel – done! And thanks for reading.

    Valerie – thanks, always!

  4. I was in Vancouver a couple weeks ago, and walked past the Robson Street Papa Beardy and never made it in. I went to the Edmonton one in WEM a few days after I got back and it was good. More limited selection of creams than Vancouver, but I think that’s about volume.

  5. I noticed Yakitori Grill awhile back, as my bus home from work passes by it every day … and because Zen next door is one of the best sushi places in Edmonton for all-you-can-eat.

    Yakitori Grill is located where Prism Bar & grill was previously, and I’m unsure when/if they are open. I want to give them a look once they are open and see if they are, in fact, a Yakitori restaurant … as I have yet to find one anywhere in Edmonton.

  6. Saskplanner – as I also found out, the WEM Beard Papa also has a “toonie Tuesday” special! (and unlike KFC, it’s actually $2.00).

    Sheldon – indeed, it doesn’t look like it’s open. Hopefully they’ll put up a banner to announce it soon!

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