Food Notes for March 7, 2011

Thanks to everyone who had kind words about my inclusion on Western Living’s 2011 list of Top 40 Foodies Under 40. I think it’s a great honour, especially to be recognized alongside some of Edmonton’s other representatives on the list: Garner and Giselle Beggs, Nate Box and Daniel Costa. On to this week’s food notes:

  • The City Market is back: the winter edition of the market starts this Saturday, March 12, and runs until May 14, 2011 at City Hall. After that, it’s back on 104 Street they go!
  • Live Local Alberta will kick off a series of “farm to fork” dinners on March 27, 2011 at Blue Plate Diner. Tickets are $75. See the menu here, which features elk carpaccio and a chevre cheesecake.
  • Mark your calendars! Indulgence 2011 will take place on June 13. Tickets will be available after May 2, 2011.
  • This would make an interesting night out – Fort Edmonton Park/Hotel Selkirk has organized a Girlfriends’ Getaway, featuring a wine tasting, movie night and horse-drawn carriage ride.
  • Another contest of sorts – Original Joe’s has committed to giving away $100,000 in free wings, and all you have to do is “like” them on Facebook.
  • Marianne reviewed Niche last week.
  • Chris reviewed Mini Mango, opened by the folks behind Sweet Mango.
  • Book A Table announced a new restaurant, Soda Jerks (17520 – 100 Avenue). They also said that Twisted Fork has now closed.
  • Gail Hall has a blog! Check out her site for tasty recipes.
  • See Magazine had a feature on veganism – I have to say I didn’t know that vegans had to be careful about how they combined certain foods in order to get maximum nutrients from their meals.
  • I admit I still don’t know enough about the raw milk issue, but raw milk cheese is in the news in the States as the feds look at repealing the 60 day aging period permitted for raw milk cheeses.
  • Avenue Calgary also released their annual food issue. For a peek at Calgary’s best restaurants, check out Andree’s blog.
  • Toronto will be getting a taste of David Chang! He will be opening two restaurants in 2012.
  • This is a pretty neat idea, from the folks behind TED: Coffee Common, where numerous roasters/baristas will be able to share their passion and knowledge of coffee while having the opportunity to network with one another.
  • Did you catch the premiere episode of America’s Next Great Restaurant? Mack’s favourite thus far is the grilled cheese sandwich guy.
  • Mack did a great job at Pecha Kucha 9, speaking on the topic of digital preservation, but there were also a few food-related talks that night. Dr. Kim Rayne discussed food access relating to the health of populations in our city and Kevin Kossowan talked about his family’s food system – if you missed it, you can watch all PK9 presentations online here.
  • Pecha Kucha Night 9

    Kevin at Pecha Kucha

  • Mack attended the City Market AGM tonight, where several new members were elected to the board, including Jennifer Berkenbosch of Sundog Organics, Owen Petersen of Prairie Mill and Pat Batten of Ocean Odyssey Inland. In addition to City Hall, the Market Board has been exploring Enterprise Square and the Mercer Warehouse as year-round possibilities.

City Market AGM

City Market AGM

  • I spotted a new restaurant at 8205105 Street, just north of When Pigs Fly.

Chai Pani

Chai Pani

  • Annie and I met up at Taipan Café for lunch on Friday (a rare treat for a weekday, but made possible by Teacher’s Convention). I’d never been to Taipan before, so their inexpensively priced meals were a welcome surprise. Annie managed to somehow finish both her duck congee and plate of noodles ($7.35), while I was utterly defeated by my bowl of noodles with shrimp wontons and beef brisket ($7.95).


Duck congee and milk tea


Noodles with shrimp wontons and beef brisket

  • Saturday afternoon called for another visit to Queen of Tarts. Their bread case was bursting (this time, everything had labels), as was their lunch case. Look for a new menu item this week – a duck confit and lentil salad. But if that doesn’t strike your fancy, I know what I’ll be looking forward to trying is their chicken banh mi!

Queen of Tarts

Bread case

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for March 7, 2011

  1. Sharon, congrats on being listed in the Top 40 Foodies…you certainly deserve it! You are a font of information and I look forward to your postings. I especially enjoyed your recent stories on Transcend and the Queen of Tarts. Edmonton has some great stuff going on! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Thanks for the link to the information regarding David Chang opening two restaurants in Toronto. I am extremely envious of Torontonians. Momofuku in NYC is on my Foodie Bucket List.

  3. Congrats, Sharon! I agree with Twyla – always look forward to your posts. Great work.

    I’m really excited about the City Market this weekend – maybe see you guys there. Cheers!

  4. I echo both Marianne’s and Twyla’s congrats. I know I was able to congratulate you personally, but this update is a brilliant addition to our city, let alone the volunteer hours you spend that few are aware of outside of the food community – all of your food related sharings, interest, hours, time, contributions, incredible ideas, attention to detail and thoughtfulness.
    I was dancing in the clouds when I heard of the honor bestowed upon you it is so much deserved!

  5. Congrats on being named Top 40! I really hope that City Market can find a permanent year round location, that would be spectacular!

  6. Kevin – indeed.

    Twyla – thanks, and keep up the good work as well!

    Buddha Pest – yeah, I didn’t get to Momofuku in our last NYC go-around either. Definitely a must-try!

    Marianne – thanks! Sorry we missed you at the City Market on Saturday!

    Valerie – you’re always too kind. Thanks.

    Eva – thanks! I’m hopeful for a year-round location too.

  7. Vegans don’t really need to worry about combining their foods any more that omnivores do- who eats plain spinach without other vegetables or at least a citrus or vinegar dressing? Ever had raw kale with nothing else for dinner? Neither do vegans. Vegans and vegetarians eat more iron than omnis, and since heme-iron (from animals) is only about 15%-20% more absorbable than non-heme-iron, it balances out. Iron deficiency is more common in vegetarians rather than vegans, since dairy decreases absorption of iron- something omnis usually aren’t very worried about in serving cheese with just about everything 😉 Dietitians tend to point these things out because they presume you are eating the standard north american diet before going veg- so you’ll go from eating meat and potatoes to eating… potatoes. But really, anyone who cooks and eats well as an omni will do the same as a herbivore without any more effort than they put into meal planning before.

    For some reason, when reporting on veg diets, people get caught up in trying to point out differences, rather than all the similarities. Really, a good diet is a good diet, and though some of us might have been lucky enough to have been raised on one, most people risk deficiency or excess if they are not conscious of what they eat!

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