Welcome Home: Queen of Tarts

It has been a long time coming, but Queen of Tarts has finally opened, just a stone’s throw away from her summer home at the City Market!

Queen of Tarts

Queen of Tarts

It was announced back in September 2010 that Linda Kearney would be opening a permanent storefront on 104 Street in the historic Armstrong building, with an anticipated opening date of November. Construction delays pushed that back four months, but after visiting the shop today, I think it was well worth the wait!

In October, Mack and I popped our heads inside the still bare room, where Linda was kind enough to receive us. This was the space before renovations:

Queen of Tarts

This is the space after:

Queen of Tarts

Isn’t it gorgeous?

It feels bright and airy and just the sort of place that can help you escape from Edmonton – even if just for a moment.

They similarly did a lot of work to create a cozy dining space that takes advantage of the room’s lone window. Before:

Queen of Tarts


Queen of Tarts

The cases were filled to the brim with delectable treats. Among them – pear frangipane tarts, flourless chocolate cakes and brownies, and their signature lemon and lime curd tarts. They even had take-home containers of their ganache-based twist on a chocolate hazelnut spread!

Queen of Tarts


The shelves behind the cases were stacked with fresh bread (most still warm out of the oven). Those who had the chance to visit the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market received a preview of some of the levain breads, but now, patrons will be able to buy her breads almost daily (though I love dessert, I’m most thrilled about the fact that we now have access to a great artisan bakery across the street)!

Queen of Tarts

La Fourchette silverware

Queen of Tarts also serves lunch, including soups, salads and quiche. Check out the day’s menu here.

Queen of Tarts

Savoury case

The shop may also become a go-to spot for those looking to pick up small gifts. Besides Mighty Trio Organics oils and Jam Lady spreads, Queen of Tarts also sells packages of biscotti, granola, and their popular cheddar shorties, among other things.

Queen of TartsQueen of Tarts

Cheddar shorties and chocolate biscotti

With Credo across the way, Transcend about to open up down the street, and now, the Queen of Tarts on the Promenade, 104 Street and Jasper Avenue is now the go-to place for a coffee break (I even ran into Cathy inside the shop – she wrote about her visit here).

Queen of Tarts


I look forward to more trips down the stairs to feed our bread (and sweets) fix!

Queen of Tarts Bakery & Bistro
10129 104 Street
(780) 421-4410
Tuesday-Wednesday 9-6pm, Thursday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 8:30am-6pm, closed Sunday & Monday

26 thoughts on “Welcome Home: Queen of Tarts

  1. Really lovely space! I look forward to visiting it. You’re lucky to have so many coffee shops and a fabulous bakery nearby! I may have to think about moving…. 🙂

  2. The before and after pics are brilliant. Might have to get a treat for tomorrow’s meeting if she opens before 10.
    Great post – and an escape is just what I am looking for after so much snow!
    I guess she won’t need an opening. There are probably line ups out the door. She is being wildly tweeted today – esp over lunch!

  3. It’s beautiful – I can’t wait to pay it a visit. I’m pretty sad I can’t eat their tarts anymore – unless I can convince them to make a gluten-free crust! For now I might have to buy a container of that lemon curd to snack on at home … It’s great that they’re carrying some local products too.

  4. A visited yesterday…what a beautiful space, considering it is in the basement! The buckwheat baguette is amazing! English tea!

  5. I’m really happy for them – they’ve become an institution already, so I’m sure they’ll do well.

    Glad to see they’re supporting other local producers too!!

  6. I easily convinced a couple of work colleagues to go for lunch there today, and we snagged the last table. There was a mix up with our meals, but not surprising on their second day and it was quickly remedied. We all enjoyed our meals, particularly the quiche and croque monsieur (we also tried both soups which weren’t entirely to our taste). I could see the water and coffee station, and it could be a place where patrons are encouraged to help themselves perhaps – at least during busy times. All in all, it was delightful and we all look forward to returning. And of course, we all bought a few items to take home. Like Sharon, I am far more excited by the bread than the pastries!

  7. Chris – touche! What I meant was the Queen of Tarts is a little taste of Europe, but you are absolutely right – I too hope such places become more of a norm in Edmonton.

  8. This article and picture essay of the Queen of Tarts before and after is crazy good. I keep coming back, sometimes cause I’m clicking on all the links to it the interwebies are posting. Sharon demonstrates the perfect blend of editorial content with great photo-journalistic pics.

  9. I walked in to Queen of Tarts a few minutes ago only to be told (none too politely) that they were closed… It’s 6:00 on Friday, apparently. No signage of hours or being closed on the door. The woman behind the counter said they were receiving a grocery order when I inquired. I am not impressed, given that I had the same experience at Duchess while they were renovating at the end of 2010.

  10. Gorgeous indeed! We are so excited to finally see a fellow market vendor open up shop! Can’t wait see the space and enjoy some tarts!

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