Food Notes for February 14, 2011

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day! If anything, it’s a good excuse to spend some time with your loved ones. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Downtown Dining Week is coming up soon – March 4-13, 2011. 32 restaurants are participating this year, at $15, $25 and $50 price points. Most menus are forthcoming, though Wildflower Grill has already posted their offerings.
  • Nettie Wiebe, a well-known food activist, will be speaking at two engagements: March 3 and March 4, 2011.
  • Liane posted that this year’s Chefs in the City event is coming up on March 25, 2011. I had the privilege of attending last year, and it was quite the event indeed.
  • Edmonton’s first location of Crave Cupcakes is now open!
  • Liane also wrote about Blair Lebsack’s new venture, inspired by his recent trip to France and Spain.
  • Bistro Praha was reviewed in the Journal this week. Looks like returning customers will be satisfied.
  • Twyla reviewed Sabu Sushi Bar, the third restaurant to go into that location in a year. One can only hope it sticks.
  • There was a great article about Credo in Vue last week.
  • Bill C-474 was defeated last week. Jennifer posted the reply she received from her MP about why he voted against the bill.
  • A writer in the Atlantic absolutely admonishes foodies in this piece. One gem: “Most of us consider it a virtue to maintain our principles in the face of social pressure, but in the involuted world of gourmet morals, constancy is rudeness. One must never spoil a dinner party for mere religious or ethical reasons.”
  • Eater posted a hit list of food truck do’s and don’ts.
  • A new restaurant is moving into the space vacated by Apocalypse Gaming (10185 107 Street), next to Khazana. Look for Chateau Beirut soon.

Chateau Beirut

Chateau Beirut

  • I’d been meaning to post a picture of Mighty Trio Organic’s new labels for a while, and finally got around to taking one this weekend at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market. Sean of Mighty Trio said some shoppers have even approached them asking if they were new to the market, having noticed them for the first time just because of the fresh designs!

Mighty Trio Organics

Mighty Trio Organics (the labels were designed by Gabe Wong)

  • One of the guilty pleasures that Mack and I share involves McDonald’s breakfast items; we love starting out any road trip with an Egg or Sausage McMuffin! So when McDonald’s announced a two day window where we could try their new Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich for free, we jumped at the chance. It was clear many others also leapt at the word “free” – the line up at the Commerce McDonald’s was longer than I’d ever seen it. As for the sandwich? The biscuit was all right, but we both didn’t like the scrambled nature of the egg.


Buttermilk Sausage Biscuit

  • In between shopping at South Edmonton Common, Annie and I stopped by Local Public Eatery to grab a bite over the weekend. It wasn’t the best experience, food or service wise: my fish was on the greasy side, and Annie’s burger was cold, and it took over twenty minutes to pay our bill. It was busy in the restaurant – the Oilers game was on – but I am hopeful our next experience will be more positive.

Local Public Eatery

Fish and chips ($13)

Local Public Eatery

Oil City burger with squash soup ($15)


Amanda’s rocker-inspired look

  • Walking home today, a dressed-up light pole at 102 Avenue and 106 Street caught my eye. At the top were cards printed with the following message, “While cold snow fell, I dreamt of summer gardens, and awoke to blossoms upon my pillow. I offer one to you, and although old and withered it still holds the whisper of its past glory.” Attached to the back of the card is a dried flower. It was such a beautiful thing to stumble upon – thanks to whoever offered up these random acts of kindness!


A beautiful surprise

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 14, 2011

  1. I love the weekly food notes, always so many interesting points!
    Just a quick note about the Sabu Sushi location – the previous restaurant to occupy it (Buddha Bowl) was there for almost 2 years and only ended up closing down because it was becoming too much work for their main cook, (I never asked her how old she was but looked to be pushing 70 years if not more!) & they couldnt find anyone who could live up to her standards. It really was a shame when they closed becuase they were busy during peak hours and their pho was so good! Hopefully Sabu will enjoy the same kind of following that Buddha Bowl did!

  2. That last part about the flowers is lovely. It’s things like that that keep people from turning into zombies during their daily routine. I’m impressed with whoever took the time to do that.

  3. Bellavino – thank you for the correction. I had no idea Buddha Bowl was there for two years, and after reading your comments, I am sorry that I never stopped in. Agreed – I hope Sabu has a similar following!

    Ellen – amazing, isn’t it? Mack said he saw a similar design on a lightpost on his way to work also. I’m sure it has brightened the days of many!

  4. You’ve been busy Sharon! So- remember when I had sushi in Waikiki and told you about this one kind that was so disgusting that I couldn’t do it? I saw it on Twyla’s blog (your link)- it’s “uni” or sea urchin. And it’s gonads. I don’t feel so bad about not being able to eat it now!!

  5. It seems as though the menus for downtown dining week get more and more expensive every year. I remember 3 years ago there was no $50 option. It’s sad, cause $50/person isn’t exactly an “inexpensive” way to try a new restaurant.

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