Food Notes for January 17, 2011

I am so glad the forecast is looking up, because I’ve just about had it with the weather. I guess I don’t have as much to complain about as some (a lack of sidewalks to shovel is a definite plus of condo living), but trudging through piles of uneven snow in the blistering cold for my daily commute was getting hard to take. How many more months until spring? On to this week’s food notes:

  • CBC Edmonton is still looking for recipe contributions for their Flavours of Edmonton cookbook, a fundraiser for the Edmonton Food Bank. You have until January 24, 2011 to submit your recipe. Direct any questions to Erin Thomson.
  • The U of A Alumni Association is organizing the Educated Palate, a series of food-related events to take place over the next few months. Among the sessions are a coffee and chocolate session featuring Transcend and Kerstin’s, and a tasting with d’Lish.
  • Are you counting down to the day when Edmonton’s first location of Crave opens on February 4, 2011? You can follow their progress on their blog.
  • Looks like Bistro Praha is set to (finally) open on January 21.
  • Maki recapped Breaducation, an evening of learning and sampling at Luzzara last week, featuring Chris and Owen of Prairie Mill.
  • The Journal reviewed Corso 32 last week – a rave if I’ve ever read one: “Corso 32 takes its place as one of the city’s most exciting and satisfying places for a serious meal.”
  • Twyla’s review of Ruby Dragon (another Asian fusion restaurant that replaced Kai) made me laugh: “The young manager was quite proud that they employ someone who is strictly in charge of the deep fryer. So, while I appreciated their attention to detail, I felt it was more of a sentence than a position of honour for their chosen one.”
  • Kevin wrote a great post about creative ways of sourcing products locally, without surrendering value for dollar.
  • The Journal also had a good piece comparing canola oils (I love Mighty Trio) and a feature on the revamped Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market (I hope the market gets the same bump in business that restaurants seem to experience after the exposure).
  • Ever wonder how a visit from Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives can impact a business? Wonder no more: “It was a gift,” says one restaurant owner.
  • Liane mentioned a new restaurant called Niche (11011 Jasper Avenue) that has replaced the Hardwood Cafe. Just one review on Urban Spoon so far – but I’d be curious to check it out.



  • Ellen, Jill and I checked out Razzleberries (10040 104 Street) for lunch on Friday, which bills itself as offering “authentic Sri Lankan cuisine”. It was a modest buffet (two of the six items were rice and plain pasta), but was inexpensive ($8.95). I could see myself returning if I worked right nearby (there were many tables of office workers without coats on), but I wouldn’t seek it out again.


A plate from the buffet line at Razzleberries – the bourbon chicken was tasty, but the curried beef and lentils both could have been cooked for a longer period

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 17, 2011

  1. I watch Diners, Drive-ins & Dives (“Triple D”) whenever I flip to TFN and it’s on (which seems to be quite often). It’s great to see all of the restaurants across the U.S.A. that get featured on the show.

    What always gets me though is how much food gets served to everybody and how much Guy eats!

    If Triple D ever filmed a show in the Edmonton area, what restaurants would make the cut?

  2. Razzleberries does make a ‘real’ lunch buffet (more than a dozen Sri Lankan items) only on Saturdays. At around 13 bucks, it IS a good deal and the food is awesome if you like spicy stuff. Think of Indian food with less grease, lots of coconut and a different spice mix. Definitely recommended.

  3. Hi Sharon, just heard about a Five Guys Burger and Fries opening soon in Sherwood Park. Hard to find any more details than that at present.

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