The Cooking Chronicles: More Soups and Stews

Doesn’t the weather like this automatically call for soups and stews? Though I should admit that my attraction to such recipes might have more to do with the fact that they use only one pot (= less dishes), I do also love that when eaten with some good bread, they often represent a balanced meal in one bowl.

Red Lentil Soup with Lemon

While in a San Francisco bookstore, I picked up Molly Wizenberg’s memoir, A Homemade Life. I had heard about her well-known blog Orangette, but hadn’t really read through it. After reading a few posts – I’m sold. I love her voice, and the stories she tells through food. Of course, it’s also a great resource for new things to try. Red lentil soup with lemon was one such recipe.

I’m not sure I love it as much as Molly does – it doesn’t quite “sing” for me, but I did love the texture. The recipe calls for only half of the mixture to be purred, which provides a nice change from some of the thicker lentil soups I’ve come across. The cilantro is a fresh touch, and the cayenne gives it that needed kick.

Red Lentil Soup with Lemon

Red lentil soup

Chicken with Celeriac

I’d been meaning to try Gail Hall’s chicken with celeriac recipe for some time, and after arming myself with celeriac from Greens, Eggs and Ham after a visit to the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market, I was ready.

Celeriac is something I’ve been experimenting with this year – pureed in soups, grated and pan-fried – it’s a pretty versatile vegetable. In this recipe, it is used as a replacement for a starch.

It is moderately successful, though I may have diced the celeriac a bit too fine, as it started to break down in the broth. My only other complaint about the recipe was the final addition of oil is too much – a drizzle, rather than a 1/2 cup (though it did make the perfect accompaniment to dip crusty bread in).

Chicken with Celeriac

Chicken with celeriac

With the weather not really looking up, more soups and stews will be on the docket in the coming weeks. Stay warm!

4 thoughts on “The Cooking Chronicles: More Soups and Stews

  1. Linda – that does sound delicious – and I’ve never tried a lentil soup that adds the element of chickpeas. Thanks for the rec!

  2. Agreed! I have to think sometimes that I don’t love lemon as much as others though – it’s a flavour that might sing…for other palates :).

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