The New Wave? Fulton Market Burger Company

Mack is still teasing me for calling ahead and asking for reservations from a restaurant with the word “burger” in the name, but since we were dining out with Grandma Male, I just wanted to confirm the wait wouldn’t be too burdensome!

Fulton Market Burger Company

Mack and Grandma Male

I stumbled across Fulton Market Burger Company earlier this year when searching for lunch options in the Sherwood Park area for a staff function. We ended up choosing a different caterer, but my curiosity was piqued, especially after reading mostly positive reviews for the restaurant, and finding out it was the sole Alberta location.

Grandma Male is always up for trying new restaurants, and given her proximity to Sherwood Park, it made sense for the three of us to pay Fulton Market a visit.

Fulton Market Burger Company

Cold winter’s night

The decor slants towards a New York homage – photos of the skyline and the famous Lunch atop a Skyscraper. For that reason, we weren’t sure why the floor was partially covered in tile patterned after cow hide…

Fulton Market Burger Company


The menu itself reminded us of Rodeo Burger – the opportunity to build your own burger (base, bun, 50 toppings), or select one of their pre-designed creations. Perhaps this is the new wave of burger joints?

Fulton Market Burger Company

Grandma Male and Mack decide on their burger combinations

The ordering cards did seem wasteful though – one card per person? I’m glad they are double-sided, but given they utilized the technology of displaying orders on LCD screens in the dining area, one wonders if another step would have been to invest in order kiosks too (or maybe I’m just hankering for a local version of FoodParc).

Fulton Market Burger Company

Order up!

We all decided on the pre-designed burgers – I chose their Signature Burger ($7.45 for 1/3 lb), featuring smoked cheddar, smoked bacon, pickle slaw and Fulton signature sauce. Mack selected the Empire State Burger ($10.95 for 1/3 lb), with two prime rib patties, shiitake mushrooms, jalapeno jack cheese and the signature sauce. Grandma Male decided on the Bronx Burger ($7.47 for 1/3 lb) topped with jerk sauce, cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes and Jalapeno jack cheese. Though Grandma Male and I both upsized to a fry and fountain drink combo for $1.99 extra, Mack opted to treat himself to Coke in a glass bottle.

Fulton Market Burger Company

Not too many places serve Coke in bottles any more

The burgers were a tad more expensive than at Rodeo Burger, but given the patties were easily double the size (though they did not claim to use local beef), it was worth the price. The flavour and seasonings were good, not exceptional, but it was a pre-fabricated patty – for whatever reason, I was expecting something better.

Fulton Market Burger Company

My burger

I liked that the standard bread offering was an onion bun, but it was dry – as if it had been left out to air for too long. The onion rings were all right, and though we probably should haven’t have enjoyed the poutine, for all of the salt that was in that murky brown gravy, it hit the spot on that cold night.

Fulton Market Burger Company

Our meal

Like Fatburger, Fulton Market also offers milkshakes, made with Chapman’s ice cream (they even had some not-so-common flavours, like blueberry acai). Anything to help it stand out – if only it had been the food.

Fulton Market Burger Company
160 Broadway Boulevard, Sherwood Park
(780) 467-8388
Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday noon-9pm

4 thoughts on “The New Wave? Fulton Market Burger Company

  1. Even if Fulton Market Burger Co. didn’t really impress you, I’m glad to see another option opening in that area to give some more variety. I’ll have to check it out soon. Thanks for sharing the info about this place!

  2. Ian – you’re welcome! We don’t go to Sherwood Park that often, but it seems every time that we do, we come across something new! I just noticed a new (or at least, new to us) cupcakery in a strip mall on our way home.


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