Food Notes for October 25, 2010

I could make reference to our first snowfall of the year, but that’s a bit depressing. So instead, I’ll talk about Glee. In a few short weeks, Mack and I have become full-on Gleeks. I’m not sure how it happened – we weren’t watching it at the height of its popularity earlier last season…but somehow, stumbled upon a few episodes, and well, we’re hooked. Airing tomorrow: the Rocky Horror Picture episode! Onto this week’s food notes:

  • Take note, cupcake fans! Crave will be invading Edmonton in January 2011, moving into the space formerly occupied by damon j (7929 104 Street), next to Planet Organic south. Can three cupcakeries within two blocks of each other survive?
  • Sure, it might be too early to talk about Christmas, but the Holiday Cocktails evening at deVine’s on December 2, 2010 sounds like the perfect way to usher in the season. On the menu: a Candy-cane Martini, Cranberry Snowdrift, Christmas Sour and Ginger Snap, among others.
  • Many people were sad when Pharos shut down, but it turns out it isn’t gone for good – it will be reopening above Haven Social Club.
  • The Edmontonian reviewed Press’d Sandwiches last week: “The sandwich itself is BIG. Did I mention that?”
  • The Journal gave a thumbs up to the revamped Next Act on Wednesday: “The Next Act is an unassuming class act, a wonderful remount of an old favourite, and one of the best restaurant values in Strathcona, where honest, thoughtfully prepared plates rule.”
  • Chris wrote about a special dinner he had at Joey’s, courtesy of Corporate Chef Chris Mills, presented in preparation for a meal to be presented at the James Beard House – don’t read this hungry! Vlad in Calgary had a similar experience.
  • Vue had a great piece on Alan and Nicola Irving (of Irvings Farm Fresh), and their learning curve when it came to sausage making.
  • Jennifer Cockrall-King is offering her annual food writing course at Grant MacEwan in November.
  • Since the Double Down was released in Canada on October 18, I was expecting blog reviews of the monstrosity of a sandwich. Mack and I plan on conquering it one day (morbid curiosity, much?), but in the meantime, I am living vicariously through Andree’s review.
  • I’m not sure why I was naive enough to think The French Laundry was the only restaurant in North America to Google diners, but it’s just amazing to me that some restaurants have the resources to do so (the Eleven Madison Park anecdote is pretty awesome).
  • I stopped by Far East Sandwiches (10301 109 Street) on Saturday on my way to meet a friend. Turns out that like V Sandwiches on Rice Howard Way, they are bringing the banh mi to the masses. And while I realize the sandwich itself might be larger (and their rent more expensive – especially for such a beautiful, bright space), paying nearly $5 for something that can be had in Chinatown for $3.50 is something I’m not sure I could do.

Far East Sandwiches

Far East Sandwiches

Irvings Farm Fresh

Alan’s new stall

Peas on Earth

Gorgeous flowering cabbages from Peas on Earth (I’ve never seen these before)

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for October 25, 2010

  1. Isn’t Glee fabulous =)

    I’m blown away by the use of technology in learning about patrons. At Le Bernardin, we discussed the “Thomas Keller Experience” with our server and he was convinced that the people working for his restaurants have been given useable scripts for making guests comfortable and being personable, but still maintaining the touch of professionalism.

  2. We must have missed you at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market!

    I also noticed Sylvan…muscling in on The Cheese Factory’s business. Actually, there’s enough cheese to go around.

    Nice photo of the flowering cabbage. Sally was trying to convince me it was edible.

  3. Your link to Vlad doesn’t work. Where is the article about the French Laundry googling guests? Loved the other post. Amazing!! Great keeper up to dater.
    As always!

  4. Another food note: it looks like the space formerly occupied by Mirabelle on 109th Street has a new restaurant called Pampa. A cursory search says that this will be a Brazilian Steakhouse. Very exciting!

  5. Crave is disgusting.

    Their frosting and cake are way too sweet… and they only use two types of cake bases (vanilla and chocolate).

    I would be surprised if they do well. Flirt, Fuss, and Whimsical are all leagues above any of the Calgary shops.

  6. Tanis – definitely mind-blowing. Did Le Bernadin use any of the technologies to personalize your experience?

    Jeff – yes, certainly enough business to go around! I didn’t buy one of the cabbages, but if I did, I’d think it too pretty to eat. I hope to run into you and Sally at the market one of these days!

    Valerie – it works, but perhaps in your browser the post doesn’t show up to read as well (I have the same problem).

    A – thanks for the tip! I hadn’t passed by the old Mirabelle in some time. I think Edmonton is ripe for a Brazilian steakhouse (bring on the meat!).

    An – I don’t mind Crave (I really liked the chocolate cupcake topped with peanut butter icing I had once), but I know Flirt and Whimsical are my local faves :).

  7. Ugh… Thinking about the double down at KFC gives me chest pains! Although I hear Global Edmonton’s Shae Ganum was pretty darned excited about it on Global morning…

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