Food Notes for October 11, 2010

  • LitFest, Edmonton’s nonfiction festival, runs October 14 – 24, 2010. They have a few food events this year, including Savouries (readings and a four-course meal) and Genu-wine (a panel discussion and wine tastings).
  • Bistro Praha has finally found a new home only a stone’s throw away from their previous location on Rice Howard Way. They are set to open on December 1 in the Empire Building.
  • The Dish will be starting dinner and a movie this month (similar to 4th and Vine’s offering).
  • Talk on C2E says that OPM will be shutting down on October 19, and will open after being rebranded into a sports bar.
  • Mack posted a link to the response to the RFP so far to develop kiosks at several downtown LRT stations. Included on the list are Good Earth and Press’d Sandwiches.
  • Sounds like Edmontonians are chomping at the bit for southern BBQ: in the days after the review of Bubba’s BBQ and Smoke House, the truck was inundated with business.
  • Heading to Rexall Place hungry? Check out City and Dale’s Food Finder.
  • The Little Red Kitchen is now gluten-free!
  • Allan of Button Soup crunched the numbers of the produce they received from their $600 share in Tipi Creek (a Community Supported Agriculture), comparing it to the relative cost of produce from a grocery store and the farmers’ market. The verdict? The CSA was much, much cheaper than shopping at a farmers’ market.
  • Check out Valerie’s post on picking high bush cranberries and her subsequent jam making adventures – brilliant outing and photos.
  • A good piece in the NYT about seed savers  preserving heirloom varieties that thrive in that specific region.
  • A Village Voice writer braved Fatty ‘Cue’s whole pig head (the serving is accompanied by surgical gloves). Not sure I could stomach the process, but good to see how it can be done.
  • Starbucks was handing out free VIA samples last week, having launched their flavoured versions. The caramel flavour I tried at the cafe with a splash of milk was pretty tasty for instant coffee.


Flavoured VIA

  • The storefront that used to house Viet Huong on 107 Avenue and 101 Street will be reopening on October 11 as Lau Viet Huong, offering hot pot.

Lau Viet Huong

Lau Viet Huong


Battista’s inviting purple exterior

  • A few coworkers and I popped into El Rancho (11810 87 Street) after a training session nearby. It’s been far too long since my last meal there, as it was delicious as always. The steak in my burrito had just the right amount of seasoning and char, and though I could have done with more beans, it was a great lunch.

El Rancho

Burrito el Carbon at El Rancho

El Rancho

Pupusas and plantains, oh my!

  • Maria introduced us to whoopie pies from Lilyola Vintage Baking at the City Market on Saturday. I had the chocolate peanut butter version, while Mack had the carrot cake. It received rave reviews from both of us! Lilyola will be at the Olde Time Fair on the Square on October 16, 2010.

Lilyola Vintage Baking

  • We were fortunate to have a few Thanksgiving meals this weekend, including one at my parents’ house. It is such a cliché, but there’s nothing like home cooking!

Thanksgiving spread

Thanksgiving spread

  • Kim also invited us over for dinner tonight. We were tasked with bringing a dessert, which had to be gluten-free. I’m not that familiar with gluten-free recipes, but some searching led me to a NYT recipe for a gluten-free apple crumble, which asked for quinoa flour instead of wheat flour. It turned out really well, with the inclusion of oats ensuring the crumble had that necessary crunchy texture. We served it with vanilla Pinocchio ice cream – simple but tasty.

Apple Crumble

Apple crumble

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for October 11, 2010

  1. Sharon: I always appreciate the food notes you have! I’ve been sick for a week (again) and i’m feeling a lot better so it feels nice to be updated with foodie information again!

  2. No more OPM! Between that and The Next Act recently getting rid of all its vegan offerings with the new menu, the vegan food scene is looking bleak(er)… here I was hoping things would get better!

  3. FoodieMcPoon – I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. It’s not fun to be sick over the long weekend though!

    virtual.jess – I should have included the link to Local Public Eatery above ( – the menu does seem a little better than your average sports bar, but you’re right, not much vegan fare.

  4. I think ETS has a lot of work to do in many respects. Certainly in Europe (where I’ve been visiting the last few weeks), transit stations, particularly those which are connection points, are practically destinations. In Berlin, they have whole malls built around them where you can drop off your dry cleaning, grab your morning coffee and croissant, buy some groceries, catch your bus, etc. It is perhaps less of a production in Rome and Paris, but certainly there are several shops, food vendors, etc right in the station. ETS stations are dead and scary in comparison! To think those spaces in Corona station have been empty for decades! Hopefully they can manage to attract and retain retailers, then maybe the stations will be less empty and scary in the evenings!

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