Food Notes for August 23, 2010

The leaves are changing! It’s not even September and the leaves are changing! As much as I love fall, summer always seems to end too soon – I’m going to try to enjoy whatever warm days are left, and I hope you will as well (on a related note – this is a pretty cool way to explore your neighbourhood). On to this week’s food notes:

  • Central McDougall and Queen Mary Park (aka the “North Edge”) will be hosting an Outdoor Night Market on August 27, 2010. I think it’s great that the BRZ is organizing more events to get the community together! More information here.
  • Also this weekend is the second annual East Meets West Festival, which has expanded into a full three-day event, celebrating African, Chinese and Italian cultures August 27-29, 2010. Check out the full schedule of events here – I’m so looking forward to the pizza eating contest on Sunday!
  • The penultimate cultural festival at the City Market is happening this Saturday, August 28, 2010, celebrating Italian culture. There will be chances to win tickets to the Edmonton Opera, a booth offering Pinocchio ice cream, and a roving accordion player. See you there!
  • I’m really looking forward to the next Slow Food Edmonton event on September 26, 2010, put together by Valerie – an all-inclusive tour of Sylvan Star Cheese, Bles Wold Dairy, and dinner at Eco Cafe. All for $75, including transportation. There are only 50 tickets available – act fast!
  • Though I haven’t yet purchased any certificates, I have to admit Groupon does have some pretty good deals. One of the best deals last week was a $30 Famoso gift certificate for just $15.
  • V Sandwiches (10135 – 100 A Street) on Rice Howard Way is now open! It’s only been in business for a few days, and I’ve already had a few people rave about it – I’ll have to check it out soon.
  • Crepeworks on Whyte (10352 82 Avenue, 780-484-7975) is also now open.
  • Twyla visited a new restaurant called Dumplings (2431 Ellwood Drive) in southwest southeast Edmonton (they even have a blog and are on Twitter!). I’ve said it before, but the suburbs have a burgeoning food scene indeed.
  • Will Bistro Praha ever return? It isn’t looking good.
  • Sorrentino’s is celebrating their 16th annual mushroom harvest September 1-30, 2010.
  • There’s a new local food blog in town – welcome, Leslie!
  • Liane’s latest celebrity chef profile subjects were Ryan Jesperson and Kari Skelton – Kari’s brownies sound delicious!
  • After seeing photos of Callingwood Farmers’ Market in the Journal, I’m even more determined to visit before season’s end.
  • Valerie toured a chicken farm recently to learn more about the issue of raising backyard chickens. It was a trip initiated by River City Chickens.
  • Mel Priestly wrote about en Sante’s first annual Saskatoon Stomp – great photos, Mel!
  • We passed by The Treasury last Thursday, and, surprise, surprise – it’s now open! Has anyone checked it out yet? Does it live up to the swank they promised?

Treasury up and running

  • We finally got to try out Zaika on Sunday at the Fringe. I had the mango chicken combo ($8) – while I could handle the heat in the subtly spicy, deliciously rich sauce, I was defeated by the samosa. Mack had the beef kabob wrap ($8), and though found it quite messy to eat, thoroughly enjoyed it. We both thought Zaika provided a much better value than Rustixx pizza – I hope they’re back at the grounds next year!


Mango chicken combo from Zaika

9 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 23, 2010

  1. Callingwood Farmers Market is definitely worth attending! I like the fact that it’s on Sundays, unlike other local ones which are all on Saturdays. Some of us just can’t get our acts together to go on Saturdays!

  2. I grabbed Zaika again on Sunday and didn’t even manage to touch the samosa. It is quite a bit of food, but delicious!

    I wish there were more options at the Fringe though. Too many deep fried foods and not enough “real” food options.

  3. There was another new local blogger that Liane introduce a week or two ago – I meant to check out the link – but didn’t have the time. I will try to find it again. I like to keep the list of every single one… though, find some stop writing after a short while…
    Great review of what is up and happening again. I appreciate it!
    We have sold half of the tickets to the Dairy Farm Fieldtrip already – so there are only 25 seats left!

  4. thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it!

    i’m hoping to go to the treasury sometime in the next week or two with a friend who i know would appreciate the food and ambiance. I’ll have to see how my wallet is doing…

    L :o)

  5. The Callingwood Market is really close to where I grew up! My good friend’s Jamaican grandma used to make these coconut tart things (they were all caramelized with brown, sticky sugar) and other delights. I don’t think she does it anymore, but this is to say the market has a history of grassroots excellence. I think they’re open week days too?

  6. I tried out V Sandwiches this week and I was quite impressed. I had the grilled pork sandwich for $6.75 which was a big sandwich and came with a free soda as a promotional offer. The bread was fresh with a nice crust like a french baguette. The meat was tender and there were plentiful other condiments in the sandwich such as grated carrots and cilantro.

  7. Edward – made the change, thanks!

    Debra – yeah, sometimes I feel like markets should be on Sundays so I can sleep in on Saturdays! But I really have no excuse with the market at our doorstep :). Hope to check out Callingwood soon!

    Eva – I hope for more “real” food options too! Zaika and Rustixx gives me hope that more will be available next year.

    Valerie – Doreen had it right; it was Kitchen Magpie. Colleen said today that you have sold 35 seats – so interested parties better purchase their tickets soon!

    Leslie – I look forward to the review of Treasury! They don’t have their menu online, so I have no idea what to expect, save the oyster bar downstairs.

    Jim – that sounds delicious…

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