Slow Food Edmonton’s 2nd Annual Wild Boar & Beer Scavenger Hunt!

Slow Food Edmonton’s 5th annual Wild Boar and Beer BBQ is a celebration of local food and drink! It is a chance to sample Mayerthorpe’s Hog Wild products, as well as several local and regional side dishes. In addition, there will be beer tastings and tours of Edmonton’s award-winning microbrewery, Alley Kat.

When: Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 1-4pm
Where: Alley Kat Brewery, 9929 60 Avenue
Cost: $40 for Slow Food Edmonton members, $50 for non-members

For your chance to win two tickets, on behalf of Slow Food Edmonton, I’ve put together our 2nd annual scavenger hunt of local producers, restaurants, and independent businesses. Your objective is to collect as many points as possible! From now until July 25, take photos of yourself posing with as many of the items below as you can. Some items on the list will earn you more points than others. Remember to ask permission before taking photos with individuals!

clip_image001Upload your photos to a photo sharing site such as Flickr or Picasa, and send the link to by 11pm on July 24, 2010. In the event of a tie, the name of a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be announced on July 26, 2010.

Have fun with this – the scavenger hunt is meant to encourage exploration of some of the best Edmonton has to offer. Perhaps you will find a new favourite in the mix!

I would like to acknowledge the Amateur Gourmet, and their Great New York Foodie Scavenger Hunt as the inspiration for this challenge.

Good luck!

Take a picture of yourself…

  1. In the Indian-inspired room at Cafe Haven (5pts.)
  2. Eating gelato at Leva Cafe (5pts.)
  3. With a wild mushroom of your choice from Mo Na (5pts.)
  4. With a copy of We Eat Together (5pts.)
    and a prepared recipe from the book (an extra 15pts.)
  5. With a container of Pinocchio ice cream (5pts.)
  6. With latte art in Transcend (5pts.)
  7. Holding a bottle of Alley Kat beer (5pts.)
    in a restaurant that offers Alley Kat on tap (an extra 10pts.)
    dressed as a cat (an extra 20pts.)
  8. With Nate Box at Elm Cafe (10pts.)
  9. Holding as many different issues of The Tomato/(Edmonton) City Palate as you can (3pts. each, up to a maximum of 30)
    next to Mary Bailey (an extra 10pts.)
    and a copy of The Food Lover’s Trail Guide (either volume 1 or 2; an extra 15pts.)
  10. With Patty Milligan/aka Lola Canola (5pts.)
    wearing a beekeeper’s suit (an extra 20pts.)
  11. With a baguette at Tree Stone Bakery (5pts.)
  12. Enjoying an Eva Sweet waffle (5pts.)
  13. In the Secret Garden at The Dish (5pts.)
  14. Juggling three tangerines in front of Wild Tangerine (10pts.)
  15. Eating a macaron at Duchess Bake Shop (5pts.)
  16. Cooling off with an iced drinking chocolate at Kerstin’s Chocolates (5pts.)
  17. Holding a package of Hog Wild Specialties (15pts.)
  18. Holding a Slow Food membership card (10pts.)
  19. Donating a non-perishable item to the Edmonton Food Bank (5pts.)
  20. With a half-dozen duck eggs from Greens, Eggs and Ham (5pts.)
  21. Holding an Original Fare VIP membership card (10pts.)
  22. Touching the ball in the lion’s mouth (for good luck) at Lucky 97 (5pts.)
  23. Perusing the deli options at Careit (5pts.)
  24. In front of a community garden (5pts.)
  25. Checking out the dessert case at Vi’s for Pies (5pts.)

8 thoughts on “Slow Food Edmonton’s 2nd Annual Wild Boar & Beer Scavenger Hunt!

  1. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to do all this before the 25th, but I’ll definitely print the list and work through it this summer and in the fall because I’d love to discover all these places and people and good things 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Mona is my favourite new stall at the City Center Market. Wild mushrooms are a treat Edmonton has been missing.

    Number 7 doesn’t make sense though, why order a bottle of Alley Kat somewhere that has it on tap?

    12 and 20 I do almost every week for 0 points, unless I get turkey eggs instead. This list definitely hits some of Edmonton’s highlights. Should be a fun hunt.

  3. I’m working on the scavenger hunt and Kerstin’s Chocolates is closed from July 20-July 24! I wasn’t able to do this one.

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