City Market Report: Week 9

It was our second weekend at the condo, but it still feels surreal to have the City Market at our doorstep. So it was a little funny on Friday when this was literally true – five vendors from the market had set up in front of our building that morning to be interviewed by Lorraine Mansbridge during the morning news. Though they weren’t selling any products, we lucked out when Bamir of Eva Sweet Waffles started our morning off with a complimentary waffle (thanks, Bamir!).

City Market on Global TV

The Friday City Market

City Market on Global TV

Bamir being interviewed by Lorraine

A day later, the market was on in full swing. Though a little rain started off the day, it didn’t seem to dampen attendance much.

City Market Downtown

Our balcony view of the market

It’s hard not to be inspired by the fresh vegetables available, and more than that, to limit what I buy because everything is just so vibrant and tempting!

City Market Downtown

Beautiful pepper plant from South Cooking Lake Greenhouses (this was their last week)

City Market Downtown

Garlic scapes from Sundog Organics

City Market Downtown

Swiss chard from Kuhlmann’s

City Market Downtown

Green beans from Doef’s/Gull Valley Greenhouses

City Market Downtown

Kohlrabi from Riverbend Gardens

City Market Downtown

Stone ground wheat from Halwa Farms

Peas were out in full force on Saturday. We picked up a bag from Edgar Farms, but decided one pound was just not enough, and attacked the heap of peas at the Kuhlmann’s booth too.

City Market Downtown

I just can’t get enough peas

In addition to the peas, carrots from Kuhlmann’s, spinach from Sundog Organics, potatoes from Greens, Eggs and Ham, onions from Green Valley Farms (the producer actually calls me the “onion girl”, heh) and a bell pepper from Doef’s filled up our bag.

We also decided to treat ourselves to a pretzel from Schneckels (their slogan is a mouthful – “If you’re going to ‘schnack’, schnack on a Schneckel). Maria told me to watch for them a few weeks ago, but for whatever reason, I probably walked right past them several times. It turned out to be their fourth week at the market, selling savoury and sweet hand-rolled pretzels. The vendor said he had sold upwards of 400 a week, so he seems to be doing quite well! We picked up a salty pretzel ($3), and though would have preferred to eat it warm, found it to be well-made, with the slightly crunchy exterior and chewy interior. It was a bit too salty for us, however. I’d be willing to give the chocolate version a go next time!

City Market Downtown

Pretzels from Schneckels

Hope to see you at the market next Saturday!

5 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 9

  1. ” (this was their last week)”

    I am a stickler for grammar, and I think you mean “there” instead “their”

  2. @ Shermie:

    I think you need to read it again and look at what “their” refers to.

    @ Sharon:

    Good to know about the pretzels. I was curious how they would taste. Next time I’ll try to get there early and see if the pretzels are warm!

  3. Ellen – really, I should be able to get down there early to try the pretzels ;). Worst case – Eva Sweet will be there with their warm waffles!

  4. I agree with you on the pretzels, Sharon. I was dying to try one after seeing your post but I had the chocolate one and it was so salty that it was actually inedible. Too bad…

  5. Kari – I agree, too bad. I’ll try one again soon…hopefully someone tells him to cut the salt in future batches.

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