Food Notes for June 30, 2010

I really thought I could do it all – the sorting, the packing, the moving, the cleaning – all while keeping up with my blogging. But nope, I was defeated by the moving process. We were up until the wee hours of the morning readying the apartment for our move-out inspection – I don’t think I’ve been that exhausted in a long time. On to the belated post:

  • The Green & Gold Garden at the University of Alberta South Campus (I wrote about it last year), is now open for the season!
  • Vinomania is offering free wine tastings every Saturday in July from 11am-5pm. Best of all, in honour of Canada’s birthday, all of the wines are Canadian.
  • Liane posted last week that the former manager of Il Portico is set to open a new French bistro downtown, in the space that was formerly occupied by Krua Wilai (9940-106 Street).
  • Cafe Haven was featured in several print publications last week – from a profile in Vue Weekly to a lukewarm review of their brunch in the Journal. I think they deserved better, as I found from our recent visit.
  • Relatively new to Twitter, Bon Ton Bakery announced that they are now serving Transcend Coffee! I have yet to check out their revamped digs.
  • Apparently Albertans are dining out less, though “they still spend a much larger proportion of their income out than the national average.”
  • The Journal featured comments about Indulgence from Chris, Valerie and myself last week – it made for an interesting snapshot of the event.
  • Speaking of Valerie – check out the breadth of her experiments with a sous vide machine on her blog (here’s just one example). Her energy and willingness to learn is amazing.
  • CBC Radio just launched a weekly food show called The Main Ingredient with Khalil Akhtar. It’s “an inside look at the food we buy, grow and eat. The show will explore modern food marketing, the fast food industry and even the urban farm.”
  • Gourmet Magazine is re-launching this fall as an online app.
  • Though I wish Edmonton had a food scene more reminiscent of New York’s, I hope this Manhattan trend of haute salads doesn’t hit Edmonton, ever.
  • Also from the NYT, a piece on the rising trend of bachelors and bachelorettes opting for tasting menus instead of clubs for their pre-wedding parties.
  • I am so guilty of not washing my reusable grocery bags, but after reading this, I think I will start now…
  • On our way to the Safe Streets Community Fair in Queen Mary Park last weekend, we stumbled upon Bohemia Cafe (10575 114 Street), a variety space that hosts concerts, displays art installations and also features coffee and sandwiches.

Bohemia Cafe & Variety Venue

  • We also peeked inside mrkt on Saturday (the name makes me think of Jean-Georges every time, but then again, I almost always have NY on the brain), a new restaurant above Red Star (10542 Jasper Avenue, 780-757-6758). The space, with its communal table and blackboard menu reminded Mack and I of Farm in Calgary. Carla Alexander of Soul Soup is in the kitchen – so  hearty, solid fare is likely in order. It’s only currently open for lunch – I hope to check it out soon!


  • For my birthday last week, Mack took me to Chuck E. Cheese (it’s nearly become an annual tradition). We played our usual games, but this visit was notable because Mack won the skee ball jackpot (by breaking 450,000 points). Hurrah!


  • We stopped by Elm Cafe for a coffee and a freshly-baked muffin this morning – fuel for the move. I loved the paper wrapping on the muffin (it was a delicious triple chocolate, by the way) – an artful alternative to the usual liner.

No chairs? No problem.

Happy Canada Day!

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 30, 2010

  1. Happy belated birthday Sharon! I love that you guys went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for your birthday! Yay for winning the skee ball jackpot too! 😀

  2. Good morning! Maria said that’s where you went for your birthday – but I said that must have been Mack’s idea to get you our and surprise you with your other dinner… but you did BOTH. Great fun! In the middle of the mad move you still kept up!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. You were absolutely missed last night. I had 4 cancellations the last 2 days. House was still packed. I had a really good time. Did I say you were missed? And… I WAS going to drop down a plate of food for both of you today – but, I forgot to arrange it before everyone packed it up and took it home!!!

  3. Did you see that Crepeworks will be opening on Whyte Ave, where Le Papier used to be?

  4. You move, and yet you still make time to blog? You are a way more dedicated blogger than I am. 🙂

    And yes we totally missed you. And you were right, I did love Valerie’s kitchen!

  5. What I want to know is what 450 000 pts relates to in tickets, and more importantly what the heck did Mack get you with said tickets? Giant Tazmanian Devil I hope.

  6. LeQuan – thanks :). I do love Chuck E. Cheese!

    Valerie – I think the minimal reading I did kept me sane last week! I am sad to have missed your event, but was finally able to scan your post. Will have to go back and read the Miracle Berry section in further detail though (and thanks to you, I have some to try myself :).

    Dr. CaSo and Debra – thanks!

    Shermie – I hadn’t, thanks. Chris posted about it last week too.

    BruleeBlog – blogging was a needed break :).

    Nate – the jackpot was nearly 200 tickets. We pooled everythng and had nearly 1000 tickets, but all we could “afford” was a small plush ball. So we did what they encourage every kid to do – we’re saving up for something bigger.

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