Food Notes for June 21, 2010

It may be the longest day of the year today, but it could be longer – sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day! We’re gearing up for a busy week, but it should be a good one as well. On an unrelated note – I’m really happy with who ultimately won season 2 of Top Chef Masters! Here are this week’s food notes:

  • A reminder about River City Shakespeare’s Picnic Contest, which I wrote about in late May. Blog about or send them a write-up of your dream picnic basket from Sunterra to be considered for a $100 Sunterra gift certificate and festival passes! The deadline to enter is June 28, 2010.
  • We finally bought tickets to our first ArtsScene event, a Behind the Scenes party at Hotel Macdonald, taking place on August 19. Not only will we get an architectural tour of the building, but attendees will be treated to drinks on their spectacular patio. Looking forward to it!
  • News from Kerstin’s Chocolates: “For the summer months of July and August, we are serving our hot chocolate frozen.  We are also partnering with Cafe Leva to make an incredibly intense dark chocolate gelato using pure Valrhona dark chocolate.  You will be able to buy it at our shop in the form of an chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich starting June 29.” Sounds delicious!
  • New bakery and cupcakery alert: Sweet Krumblz (6861 170 Street) just had an open house on the weekend, and from the gallery on their website, their products looks fabulous.
  • Liane reports that Century Hospitality Corporate Chef Paul Schufelt has applied to be on Top Chef’s inaugural Canadian season. Best of luck to him – it’d be amazing to get some local representation on the show!
  • Also from Liane – an article in Saturday’s Journal on a meal prepared for six Journal staff by Chef Sebastian Lysz. Apparently hiring personal chefs are a rising trend. See the gallery here.
  • Local blogger Alison Mazoff of Well-Blended Vegan gives the new Cafe Beirut on Whyte Avenue a spin.
  • Chris of Eating is the Hard Part got a peek inside Shaw Conference Centre’s massive kitchen facilities as staff rushed to prepare a meal for 3000 guests. Worth a look!
  • Need a primer on Community Supported Agriculture? See wrote a good introductory piece this week.
  • I think it’s awesome that the Calgary food blogging community came together this past weekend for a bake sale in support of Calgary Meals on Wheels. Perhaps #yegfood bloggers could do some similar too?
  • Co Co Di’s new location at 11454 Jasper Avenue (780-425-1717) is finally open! Anyone checked out the restaurant yet?

Co Co Di

  • Helped along by the fact that Epcor shut down the water for the entire morning at the office one day last week (you realize how reliant you are on running water at that point), I headed to Fo Guang Tea House for lunch. I haven’t been back since my first visit, so it was a nice opportunity to return and sample something different from the menu. The laksa noodles were great – the vegetarian fish balls could have fooled me, as they tasted like the real thing, and the broth with a hint of coconut milk was soothing. As I said in my previous post – the Tea House is a sanctuary in the bustle in the core, and I wondered why it wasn’t full. I guess it might still be a well-kept secret?

Laksa from Fo Guang Tea House

  • Mack and I attended Don Iveson’s campaign launch party yesterday. In addition to local beer from Alley Kat and coffee from Transcend, food at the event was catered by Elm Cafe! Mack couldn’t get enough of the warm-from-the-oven bread pudding bites, while I thought the beautiful marriage of strawberries and Kerstin’s Chocolates couldn’t be beat.


Nachos with fresh tomato salsa


Delectably simple strawberry and chocolate bites

  • We ended the weekend with a Father’s Day barbecue at Rundle Park. It was great to see so many people out enjoying the green space. We certainly did too.


So many geese!



9 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 21, 2010

  1. oooh the Hotel MacDonald event looks really cool. Too bad I’m too old to fit in the age category to go. 😉 and :O

  2. yeg bloggers should definitely get together and do something for meals on wheels; or maybe even the food bank. It would be fun!

  3. Thanks for another newsy post and for the mentions of Liane’s stories. That dinner with chef Sebastian Lysz was a definite treat.
    I love the Calgary blogger bake sale idea, too.
    Thanks for your contributions re. Indulgence.

  4. Great post! Let’s get together and plan a fall fundraiser as discussed – I know they REALLY need it in the Spring… so maybe we could do something different then… I have a few ideas … and maybe we could do a fall harvest table at the City Market – a Blogger Bake Sale Table – all to a cause… what a blast that would be. I have some very specific references… and will get on it… right after the Taste Tripping Party. I think I have my finger on the pulse of all local bloggers -t hen you introduce another. I did not want to miss anyone… but, I have. Oh, well. There will be other events.

  5. Heather – I think you can still come if you wanted to!

    Debra – thanks!

    Bianca and Valerie – yeah, we should get together in the fall to plan something.

    Kerry – you’re welcome. Look forward to seeing the article!

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