Food Notes for June 14, 2010

While it took me a lot longer to get into the second season of Top Chef Masters, I feel like I am knee-deep now. While I deeply admire his work ethic and perfectionist tendencies, for whatever reason, Susur Lee just rubs me the wrong way – I am pretty much rooting for anyone other than him at this point. Anyway, on to this week’s food notes:

  • Latitude 53, with downtown’s only rooftop patio, opens their Summer Rooftop Patio Series on Thursday, June 17. What better way to spend an evening perusing the newest installation with a cocktail in hand? Check it out.
  • The St. Albert Farmers’ Market (billed as Western Canada’s largest) starts this week, on June 19. It’s such an overwhelmingly large market, but has a great atmosphere, I think.
  • A reminder that the next Farmers’ Market Dinner at Madison’s Grill is taking place on June 25, 2010. The menu is now live on the website under “Feature Menus”.
  • Eva Sweet, Edmonton’s first and only waffle truck, has been getting some play in the blogosphere – check out Liane’s teaser and Cream and Sugar’s review.
  • Wild Earth Bakery has now completed their renovations! Check out Marianne’s post with a ton of great photos.
  • Jason Foster contributed a great piece for Vue this past week about the best cycling route to take for a “two wheeled pub crawl”.
  • Speaking of bakeries – Doreen asks whether or not the Old World Bread Factory has been emptied. Can anyone confirm?
  • Valerie, Lillian and Dan experimented with a sous vide machine over the weekend. Read about their tasty adventure here (that pork looks to die for!).
  • Want to sharpen your kitchen abilities? Get your skills up to snuff at NAIT’s popular Culinary Boot Camps this summer – several of the classes are already full.
  • A 35lb (communal) poutine?! Say it isn’t so! I’ll have to get my butt to CharCut in Calgary stat.
  • Jennifer Cockrall-King’s been writing up a storm on her blog – recapping her recent trek to Cuba to learn more about the urban farming scene, and currently, capturing her thoughts on LA’s urban agriculture movement. Keep it up, Jennifer!
  • Related – Saveur Magazine’s June/July issue is a beautiful one, focusing on markets all over the world. The photos alone are worth the $6 price tag.
  • Serious Eats did a round up of some of the “international-style” hot dogs available in Queens. Sigh – makes me wish we had more than just Fat Franks to choose from.
  • Brought to my attention by Shermie – forthcoming on the lower level of City Centre West is Press’d: The Sandwich Company. Between this and Fatburger, I’d say downtown office dwellers should be pleased with the number of new options they’ll soon have.


  • After the farmers’ market on Thursday, Annie and May joined me at the apartment for a home-cooked meal. Annie’s simple pasta of tomatoes, garlic, parsley and olive oil was delicious, which we enjoyed with a side of mixed greens from Greens, Eggs and Ham. For dessert – tiramisu from the Italian Bakery.

Annie’s pasta (half-consumed by the time I remembered to take a photo)

 Tiramisu (a steal at just $2.50 a slice)

  • Ellen and I hit up Boualouang on Friday to satisfy our craving for Thai food. For once, the spice level of the green curry didn’t have me reaching for my water glass every bite. The pork was incredibly tender (my default order is chicken), and would definitely be something I’d have again. The pad thai is consistently good.

Green curry with pork

Pad thai

  • Mack and I are eating outside every chance we get. On Saturday, that meant pizza al fresco!

I think everything tastes better outside…

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 14, 2010

  1. We went to the Old World Bread Factory on Friday and there was nothing in the building at all….and no signs indicating it was a temporary situation. =(

  2. *drool* that poutine looks awesome! The regular version on their menu says it’s truffle gravy….

    And those boot campus look like a ton of fun! Albeit expensive…

  3. Everything is WAYYY better outside. Here’s hoping next weekend is as “magical” as the last- bike rides and picnics!

  4. I’m glad Wild Earth’s finished with their renos, but I just hope the baked goods on the counter no longer taste like chemicals! My weakness is their lemon loaf, and recently the few times that I had it, there was a distinct taste of chemicals. My friends commented also that the muffins (also on the counter) tasted like chemicals too…

    But I love that place. So cozy and the service is really friendly. I think they did a wonderful job with the renovations 🙂

  5. Tanis – if the Bread Factory has indeed shut down, that’s really too bad.

    Eva – yes, expensive, but I’ve heard good things about them!

    Bianca – agreed!

    Ellen – I’ve yet to linger in Wild Earth. My typical visits involve running in to get a coffee or a tea before a meeting. I intend to sit and relax one of these days, though!

  6. I can also confirm that the Old Bread Factory is empty and I heard from staff at the hair salon next door that some of the people connected with the bakery may have been deported.

    Also another Indian Restaurant has opened in the Whyte avenue area on 81 avenue (southside)between 101 and 102 streets. I don’t remember the name exactly but it’s something like “Nadayanni”. The location was once a piano repair and/or sales shop. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems the owner has put a lot of money into fixing up the building and lot.

  7. Jim – thanks for the tip about the new Indian restaurant. Thanks for confirming about the Old Bread Factory too. I hope the family is okay.

  8. The Truffled gravy poutine at CHARcut has to be one of the best things I’ve eaten this year. In fact, the whole experience was incredible. I’m planning a return trip to Calgary just to eat there again!

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