City Market Report: Week 5

The clouds parted this morning for a beautiful day at the City Market, among other activities happening on 104 Street today. In addition to a pancake breakfast put on by the Downtown Edmonton Community League, the Al Fresco 104 Street Block Party was also taking place, with all funds raised to go towards the E4C Edmonton School Lunch Program.


Breakfast under the sun

As a result of the supplementary activities, many of the vendors (including Greens, Eggs and Ham) were relocated to 102 Avenue, and the main thoroughfares were more narrow than usual.

Busy market street

Still, even with the crush of patrons, it was difficult not to enjoy the day. We ran into a ton of people, and it really reminded me that markets can and should be community meeting places.

Andreas at the Greens, Eggs and Ham booth

Zach, Julianna and Gabe’s We Eat Together was selling like hotcakes (they will be back on a Saturday in July and another in August)

There also seemed to be a great number of dogs at the market today, and I remarked to Mack that we should try and snap a photo of a puppy. Happily, the owners of Julio didn’t mind. Nor did Julio mind – he actually posed for the camera!

Julio – so adorable!

The second of the City Market’s monthly cultural festivals also took place today – the crowds were treated to tasty Portuguese treats and colourful dances.

Of course, our main purpose of visiting the market was to pick up the week’s groceries – eggs from Sunshine Organic; onions from Green Valley Farms; tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers from Gull Valley and Doef’s Greenhouses; herbs from Inspired Market Gardens; and duck eggs and breast from Greens, Eggs and Ham. We even sprung for morels from Mo-Na (I suppose it was only a matter of time) and a package of Martin Munchies, a whole grain barley snack for Mack’s Dad to try.

Martin Munchies

 Beautiful pea tendrils from Edgar Farms

Cucumbers from Kuhlmann’s

Always lush greens (arugula, this time) from Sundog Organics

We ended our market trip with a stop at Credo Coffee, where it was absolutely packed. I (sadly) had to work this afternoon, but the pain was lessened somewhat by my iced vanilla latte which accompanied me to the office.

Geoff hard at work

My iced vanilla latte – perfectly smooth and creamy

Here’s hoping for equally beautiful weather next weekend!

6 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 5

  1. LOVE the video.I was there- but missed you. There at opening bell – saw a lot of people – left at 10… bought a ton. That video is excellent. Truly. Wish my hand was that steady!

  2. Valerie – we weren’t there at the opening (the performance was around 11 a.m.). Mack’s the one with the steady hand!

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