Eva Sweet at the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market

Every time I visit Alberta Avenue, I find something new – small businesses, developments, uplifted facades. For that reason, I do think the neighbourhood is worth checking out now and then, particularly with the Avenue Theatre up and running.

Today, in search of waffles and a convenient meeting place, May, Annie and I converged on the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market (93 Street and 118 Avenue), which runs year round on Thursdays from 2-7pm.

Annie is beary happy! (I couldn’t help myself)

The market just celebrated its one year anniversary last week, and I was excited to see how it had changed since I visited in 2009.

Steve & Dan’s Fresh B.C. Fruit

Unlike last year, only three vendors (including Steve & Dan) were set up outdoors. Unfortunately, the sparse numbers were mirrored inside.

Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market

Most of the twenty-odd vendors sold prepared food (Little Jack Horner Homemade Meat Pies, spring rolls, baked goods) and crafts (cards, quilts, cat condos). Besides a single protein vendor and one greenhouse selling tomatoes and cucumbers, I was quite disappointed with the selection of fresh goods.


I hope the summer brings more produce vendors, but with the sparse crowds during our brief visit, I had to wonder about the typical traffic at this market. Of course, I think it’s a great location and neighbourhood for a farmers’ market, but I do hope things continue to expand, both in patron and vendor numbers!

Inside the market

After buying some tomatoes and apples, we headed back outside to (finally) give Eva Sweet a try. While this waffle truck hasn’t quite taken the Edmonton blogosphere by storm in the way Duchess Bakeshop did when it opened, I have a feeling the frenzy for food trucks will be picking up soon.

Bamir Basha of Eva Sweet

Truck operator Bamir was very friendly, eager to share his experience with us as he prepared a maple waffle for Annie and a cinnamon one for me ($3 each). He said because of the dry Edmonton air, it was actually more difficult to get the waffle batter to rise here than in Belgium, where he ran a waffle truck for five years.

Hardly containing my excitement

Though whipped cream and real fruit syrups were available, we ate the hot waffles unadorned, which was Bamir’s recommendation. The caramelized pearl sugar provided a sweet, slightly crunchy exterior that paired well with the cinnamon, while the inside was soft and forgiving.

Liege waffle

Bamir said he will be offering his waffles this summer at the Dutch booth at the Heritage Festival. I wouldn’t suggest you wait until August to try Eva Sweet, however – besides the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market, they are also at the Beverly Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays from 4-8pm and in front of the WCB Building (107 Street & 99 Avenue) from 7am-2pm on weekdays. You can also follow them on Twitter!

I’m already looking forward to my next waffle…

9 thoughts on “Eva Sweet at the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market

  1. HA!

    It was at this market that I bought a jar of Crabapple Jelly last year. THE BEST.

    I found that market purely by accident, after one of my deliveries up there.

  2. Those waffles look great! I’m planning on heading over to the WCB Building for lunch today. I can’t wait.

  3. I never even knew there was a farmer’s market there! Thanks for sharing Sharon.

    Those waffles look yumms even without any toppings 😛
    Have a great weekend!

  4. H. Peter and LeQuan – I wonder why the Alberta Avenue Market is so under the radar? Though I suppose it’s only one year old. I hope you have an awesome weekend too, LeQuan!

    Carol – I hope you enjoyed them!

  5. Sharon,

    I absolutely adore your blog. Your photo laden entries are amazing. Thanks for sharing this particular gem. I had a waffle at lunch today. It was worth the walk, and the wait.

  6. Rachel – thank you for your kind words. Glad you were able to try Eva Sweet – I agree, they are worth the trek.

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