Food Notes for June 7, 2010

If you haven’t yet seen Mack’s Pecha Kucha presentation, what are you waiting for? He did an awesome job Thursday night at the seventh incarnation of an event that aims to inspire the “next generation” of Edmontonians. If you haven’t yet been, mark your calendar for September 28, 2010, when PKN8 will take place at the University of Alberta campus (check the Next Gen website for more details). On to this week’s food notes:

  • The second annual Al Fresco 104th Street Block Party is this Saturday, June 12! Look forward to patios, a fashion show, wine tasting, and of course, an outdoor movie screening. See you there!
  • I’m getting excited for Indulgence, taking place on June 14. They’ve started to reveal menu items on their blog, and will continue to do so throughout the week. Culina’s dish of “bison brisket, slow-cooked in a balsamic barbecue sauce served with biscuits and horseradish-spiced marinated onions” sounds fantastic.
  • Learn more about Eva Sweet, Edmonton’s first and only waffle truck, from Brittney Le Blanc. You can find it at 107 Street and 99 Avenue (in front of the WCB building) from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. most days, and at the Alberta Avenue Farmers’ Market Thursdays and at the Beverly Farmers’ Market on Tuesday evenings. They’re also on Twitter!
  • There’s a new tea shop in town – Cha Island Tea Co. (10332 81 Avenue) in Old Strathcona. It strives to give Edmonton a tropical-themed tea and coffee lounge.
  • Mack spotted a new Chop is in the works at Ellerslie Road and 100 Avenue.
  • Marianne provided a quick run-down of what eats to expect at the Folk Festival this year.
  • The Journal ran their next profile of a local foodie last week – Ruth Kelly of Venture Publishing.
  • Gail Hall will be starting her popular Market Fresh Cooking classes again this July. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning – shopping for fresh ingredients, getting to know local farmers, and cooking up a storm!
  • If there’s anyone that can infect anyone with an appreciation for food, it’s Valerie, so I think it’s great that she will be teaching a cooking class to 10 – 14 year olds interested in learning how to cook at the City Arts Centre this summer.
  • Also from Valerie – if you haven’t already, read about her tour through Chinatown with LeQuan (who also posted her thoughts). Food is always more fun with others!
  • June 1 was National Hunger Awareness Day – the Edmonton Food Bank announced the winners of their Expressions of Hunger contest last week, cumulating in an exhibition at City Hall. The exhibition has since moved to the Carrot Community Coffee House, where it will remain until June 23.
  • Related –  Calgary-based Julie Van Rosendaal took part in A Week in Their Kitchen, which challenged a a few bloggers to cook meals using only what can be found in a food hamper. What resulted was a series of thought-provoking posts.
  • It’s too bad Calgary’s City Council voted against allowing for backyard chicken coops last week. Still, I have a feeling it’s not the last time we will hear about the issue, as the article alludes.
  • U of A grads can participate in an upcoming 11 day tour of Tuscany through the Alumni Association. I’m sure it would be alot better than the Contiki tour we did a few years ago!
  • I saw an ad for a new type of Kraft Dinner made with cauliflower and wheat. Funny how this campaign is alongside the nostalgia ads.
  • Food hacker Kenji has the best job – he just learned how to duplicate McDonald’s fries in the comfort of his own home.
  • It’s handy to have Cellar Door along my homeward bound bus route – I picked up a lemon meringue pie ($3.25) to share with Mack last week after dinner. I loved the buttery crust.


Lemon meringue pie from Cellar Door 

  • Another plus of walking to and from the City Market are the stops that can be made easily along the way. I wandered into The Butler Did It for the first time. Though they don’t normally serve breakfast, they were offering it that day. It’s a charming space, where lunches can be had during the week, and can also be booked for functions. I picked up a few kitchen utensils, priced at 30% off – score!


Inside The Butler Did It

  • I also stopped at Kerstin’s Chocolates, wanting to try out their new Roses are Red Chocophilia, with saffron, rose and raspberry (I like it a lot better than Lemon Dream). The clerk told me that Kerstin is currently working on her bacon-chocolate concoctions for Father’s Day. Expect several special sweets, which may or may not include peanut butter in the mix.


Roses are Red Chocophilia

  • Lots of new restaurant action on Whyte – it seems Pour House (replacing Flavours) is now open, as are both Press Cafe (10846 82 Avenue) and Cafe Beirut (10812 82 Avenue). Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop in for fear of missing my bus. Has anyone checked out either yet?


Press Cafe & Bistro


Cafe Beirut

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 7, 2010

  1. What a massive list – and each item incredibly interesting to me. Thank you, Sharon. I would have loved to have known about the Calgary food bank initiative in advance. When you have time, send me a message about who or what you followed to keep you in that loop. I wonder if Cafe Beirut is owned by the same fellow who originally owned it in its hayday in our city… 1992-1998ish. And, I had no idea The Butler Did It had a store front. I will be checking that out. Oh, my life is just too sheltered! Thank you for your kind words about the cooking class. I really appreciate it. We need to get it filled – the first week of July and the 15th of August week. I can’t think of a more fun camp for kids. There is nothing like summer in the city!

  2. thank you for linking me Sharon, that’s so sweet of you. your lemon meringue pie looks delicious. i don’t go to whyte ave much so i love reading about what’s going on from your posts. would love to try Cafe Bierut soon. keep the great posts coming. hope you’re having a great week 😀

  3. Valerie – an e-mail is on your way (though really, I think it’s my RSS feeds that keep me in the loop).

    Mack – thanks. You deserved the shout out!

    Lequan – I saw those pies in the window at Cellar Door when we were there for the tasting, and knew I would be back soon to pick one up. Glad you find he posts helpful!

  4. Unrelated to this post, but have you seen there is going to be a new cafe opening where the tea store used to be in City Center? It’s going to be called Press’d

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