Food Notes for May 31, 2010

I think I need a few days to recover from the weekend – everything seems infinitely more exhausting when the weather is uncooperative, or is it just me? June is shaping up to be a busy month, so I hope the sun starts to shine (and stay!) soon. On to this week’s food notes:

  • I can barely contain my excitement – not only does Edmonton have a brand new food truck, but it serves WAFFLES! I am hoping Eva Sweet makes some downtown stops soon.
  • Looks like Nate Box has pushed back his Elm Cafe opening date to June 14. Speaking of Nate, he stopped by the Unknown Studio to talk food – take a listen here.
  • Help bid the original Padmanadi location adieu at their farewell buffet on June 2, from noon-1opm ($20/person). They hope to host the grand opening of the new digs at 101 Street and 107 Avenue on June 19, 2010.
  • There’s another food blog in town, called May Contain Nuts. Welcome to the scene, King Crabby and Jean Poutine!
  • On the topic of food blogs, the St. Albert Gazette published a feature article this weekend about the regional food blogging scene, including interviews with Nikki Stoyko of The Read Onion, Rhianna Morris of Cream and Sugar and me.
  • The Municipal Development Plan, which will help protect some local food sources, was passed last week! Thanks to the Greater Edmonton Alliance and the passionate Edmontonians who helped make this happen.
  • There are lots of other great things happening in local food – Shaw Conference Centre announced that they have planted a garden for the second year in a row, which will supply the kitchen with vegetables and herbs. Check out the photo gallery here.
  • Liane also did a great round-up of some local food initiatives on Saturday, including The Good Food Box, Locavoria and the Greens, Eggs and Ham Futures Program. Duffy even made an appearance on the photo spread!
  • On Wednesday, Calgary’s City Council votes on whether or not to allow a pilot of urban chicken coops to go forward. The name of the group pushing for this? The Canadian Urban Liberated Chicken Klub, or, CLUCK.
  • Though municipal beekeeping hasn’t been in the news as much as chickens, the discussion will begin soon enough. In Toronto, two hives have been installed on the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, home of the Canadian Opera Company.
  • I remember when I was a kid, with no library in my neighbourhood, a book truck would stop at the strip mall across the street every weekend. So I think this is brilliant – a mobile farmers’ market truck in NY that can offer fresh vegetables in underserved neighbourhoods – at least until something more permanent can be set up.
  • Interesting article (and fun with data) about how much money people spend for lunch in New York, based on zip code locations.
  • Though the official KFC Double Down isn’t available in Edmonton, Chris did his best to make his own version here. Not for the faint of heart!
  • So true – “Children’s menus are the death of civilization”, says a NYC restaurant owner. And I say that as someone who grew up as a picky eater.
  • More NY – though I know we’re at least five years away from “gimmicky” restaurants in Edmonton, we could probably learn something from New York’s experience.
  • We had originally picked up a fresh-to-go meal from d’Lish to serve as an emergency dinner for my sisters, they ended up not needing it. So we had it tonight, a great convenience as both Mack and I arrived home late. We were also pleased that the portion size for this dish, a chicken parmigiana with garlic and tomato pasta, was larger than our previous to-go meal. Though it was a bit pricey ($21.50), I think it’s a win-cubed instance – not only does it support local producers, but also a vibrant, independent business. And of course, fills your belly with tasty food!


Chicken Parmigiana from d’Lish

  • To help kill time while waiting for the next bus to arrive (and to warm our chilled selves), we stopped inside Axis Cafe on Saturday. I’ve been meaning to check out this coffee shop for some time, and was happy I finally did. It’s gorgeous inside, with two levels of comfortable furniture, funky art, and a beautiful boardroom to boot. My white hot chocolate was good, though a little lukewarm, but I’m willing to give them another shot.


Axis Cafe

12 thoughts on “Food Notes for May 31, 2010

  1. Axis is fantastic! I hosted my wedding reception there and everyone was very happy with the food and drinks. The staff was great and LindaBeth (the owner) was very accommodating. I’d say definitely give it another shot.

  2. The original location of Padmanadi in Chinatown is actually staying open. I think the buffets are now going to be hosted at the new location.

  3. Hey! I just posted the China Town tour with LeQuan. And, thought I should mention that I have discovered quite a host of Edmonton Bloggers (all listed on my site) that you might want to shout out in your weekly message next week. What a pile of great information to get through, Sharon. The up close and personal Chinatown epic tour needs your help – when you have a day and a half… I need to know about some of the items. You may know some of them.
    PS – I am teaching a kids cooking class for the summer… also just posted – any young cooks welcome.

  4. Eva – I will, particularly for their coffee next time.

    Allan – yeah, lots of interesting stuff for sure in Nate’s interview. I’m with him on the food carts!

    Paula – thanks for the correction. The way the paragraph was worded confused me a bit (and, well, the idea of having two restaurants open within two blocks of the other).

    Bingofuel – you’re welcome!

    Chris – hope we didn’t disturb your reading!

    Valerie – great post with LeQuan. As I said in the comment I left on your blog, I may have to use your post as a guide myself. I am certainly no expert (not even close) on Asian produce. I could rope my mom into it though, heh.

  5. I saw the EvaSweet waffle truck downtown on my way to work this morning. It was on 107 Street, north of 99 Avenue pre-8:15. I didn’t stop to ask questions about the schedule though – too tempting!

  6. Unrelated to this post, but have you seen that Jugo Juice is opening by Second Cup in City Center.

  7. Terri – indeed, would be hard not to stop! Eva Sweet has actually updated their locations – looks like the WCB Building will be their weekday, daytime mainstay, and they will also be doing some farmers’ markets.

    Shermie – thanks for the tip, as I didn’t see that.

  8. I hear Eva Sweet has quite the line up around 8am, according to a friend who works at WCB. Seems to be quite popular!

    Wish we had more food trucks here. I’m quite jealous of the poutine truck my friend in Ottawa keeps telling me about.

  9. I agree, we’re in need of more food trucks. One can only hope that this is the start of a trend. in Edmonton.

    I can’t wait to try Eva Sweet myself – lots of people have been talking about it!

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