Food Notes for May 17, 2010

It’s that time of year again – nope, I’m not talking about seeding your garden or scheduling long weekend plans – but I am talking about season finales! (Or in some cases, series finales.) The writers of House really know how to pull on my heartstrings (and churn out one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a while), and I almost can’t bear to watch 24 next week, with the anticipated showdown between my two favourite characters. Onto this week’s photo-filled food notes:

  • Madison’s Grill has scheduled another Farmers’ Market Dinner for June 25, 2010. I attended one back in January, and though I love hearty, cold weather food, I can imagine the kitchen will be having a field day with warm weather produce. Call 780-423-3600 for tickets.
  • I finally purchased my Indulgence tickets last week over the phone (through the Junior League of Edmonton, 780-433-9739). They are also available online, but for an additional $2 surcharge.
  • Looks like there is a new craft brewer in town: Yellowhead Brewery will be situated in the space formerly occupied by Maverick on 105 Street and 102 Avenue.
  • Something to look forward to: a downtown location of Transcend. In related news, Transcend coffee is now being served in place of Intellegensia at Three Bananas.
  • Liane shared some news this week: changes afoot at Koutouki (looks like the only restaurant that remains unaltered is the 124 Street location), and a new organic and gluten-free shop to open on May 21 in the north side called Dutch Treats and Farm Fresh Meats (12769 50 Street).
  • Lots of great stuff in this week’s Vue Weekly – including the 2010 Golden Forks Awards (I thought it interesting that readers voted for local restaurants with multiple locations like Doan’s and Sicilian Pasta Kitchen in the “chain” category) and Jason Foster and Mel Priestly’s pairings of beer and wine with exotic meats.
  • See also published the results of their 15th annual Best of Edmonton poll (I know I’m out of touch when I don’t recognize 2/3 names in the “Sexiest Edmonton female” category).
  • The Journal reviewed Salvatores, an overhauled Sorrentino’s outpost in Sherwood Park this weekend. It’s quite the cheeky write-up.
  • You may remember that the series Endless Feast filmed an episode in Edmonton last year, featuring an idyllic dinner served at the Peas on Earth farm. Gail Hall isn’t yet sure if the episode will air in Canada yet, but in the meantime, check out this clip.
  • Great news – it looks like Toby Young may be gone from the next Top Chef judging panel (with Eric Riepert and Gail Simmons alternating in his place).
  • Speaking of coffee, Catfish Coffee opened up their retail location next to Culina Highlands (6507 112 Avenue) on April 4. They have limited operating hours (Tuesday to Thursday), but I’d be interested in checking it out sometime!


Catfish Coffee


Terrace Cafe

  • Mack told me about a new cafe that opened on 97 Street, so we wandered over to check it out. Only open for breakfast and lunch, from the outside anyway, Early Bird Cafe (10221 97 Street, 780-420-6826) looks like a cute little diner. See their menu here, here and here.

Early Bird Cafe

  • We ended that evening with a lovely latte from Credo. I wonder how long it would take me to learn how to pour such beautiful designs?


Vanilla latte from Credo

  • Next door to Credo, LIT Wine Bar has had an “opening soon” sign tacked up since August 2009 – I didn’t think they’d ever open. On Saturday, they took advantage of the large City Centre Market crowds with an open house, complete with cannoli and orange juice. We didn’t get any really great shots of the interior, but it’s swank, with lots of leather, a floor-to-ceiling wine display, and a second level of seating. They open this Thursday, May 20.

Cannoli from LIT (they were a bit too hard)

  • Lastly, coming soon – Far East Sandwiches, on the corner of 109 Street and 103 Avenue. It’s a bright and open loft space, so I’m interesting to see what they do with the place.

Far East Sandwiches

  • While at Southgate last week, I checked out the Canstruction sculptures at Centre Court – all made entirely out of canned goods.

    A CAN-oe man, by Williams Engineering

    • To accompany my shopping, I indulged in my first iced brewed Starbucks coffee of the year. Here’s to many more!


    Iced brewed coffee

    6 thoughts on “Food Notes for May 17, 2010

    1. Must pass a recommendation to you: Masterchef Australia! Try to see if you can watch a few episodes on their website and see if you like it.

    2. Tuesdays have become my favorite morning – I love checking out the Food Notes each week. Can’t wait for Indulgence =)

    3. Cheers! To this wonderful weather and another superb edition of food notes. I , too, cannot wait for another transcend location. Edmonton is quickly becoming a coffee hotspot!

    4. Jon – haven’t even heard of it! Is it like Top Chef on steroids?

      Tanis – thanks :). I’m looking forward to Indulgence too!

      Bianca – indeed, we need to catch up to Calgary in terms of our independent coffee shops!

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