Food Notes for May 10, 2010

Last week, Paula Simons wrote about the campaign to rename 104 Street. I think it’s a great time to talk about it, with the City Centre Market kicking off this Saturday, May 15. It should be a great day, with a Chinese-themed festival (the first of many this year) complete with lion and dragon dancers bringing an even more celebratory atmosphere to the street. See you there! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Want to learn more about urban beekeeping? Look no further than Lola Canola (aka Patty Milligan)’s Bust into Beekeeping, May 15-16. E-mail Patty for more information.
  • Liane reports that Food Network is currently recruiting Canadian chefs for Top Chef Canada. I’m willing to see how host Mark McEwan works out, but he’s no Tom Colicchio.
  • So happy we have Transcend here, not only for brewing superb coffee, but for asking questions like this about the difference between “direct trade” and “relationship coffee” that make me think.
  • Something on the horizon – the Health Hub, which will have space for a spa, cafe, bakery, and Hole’s Greenhouses.
  • Cool addition to the Edmonton Christian School, a solar-powered greenhouse!
  • Following up on her awesome post on Borough Market, Valerie wrote another must-read (preferably not on an empty stomach) on Neal’s Yard Dairy, with seemingly every cheese available on the planet. I love how each cheese is labelled with the name of the cheesemaker!
  • I’m not sure this upscale trend will ever hit our city, but who knows, if the demand is there: New York restaurants that cater to tots – everything from stroller parking to complimentary cookies.
  • Co Co Di, snug in their new location in Oliver (11454 Jasper Avenue, 780-425-1717), look about ready to open. I was a bit sceptical about the space, but from the outside, they’ve done much with curtains and paint to enliven the interior.


Co Co Di

  • Thanks to The Edmontonian, I found out that Fatburger is coming to Edmonton City Centre Mall (next to Carlton Cards). I’ll hold out judgement until they open, but can a diner atmosphere be captured in a mall?



  • Also coming soon, Sigma, which will replace the downtown location of Cosmos (10020 101A Avenue).



  • After MediaCamp on Saturday, Mack and I were looking for a comfortable, low-key place to unwind. Not surprisingly, we ended up at Route 99.


Poutine! (Mack asks me why I still take photos of it, even though they are mostly identical. I don’t know, old habits die hard?)




Mack’s pizza

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for May 10, 2010

  1. Mack’s pizza looks amazing – and healthy, Sharon! I have still never tasted poutine. Amazing, isn’t it. I find the idea of it quite unappealing, but someday I will be with someone who orders it, and I will “taste” it. Thanks for the update. Lots happening around the city. Amazing stuff. Incredible actually – and all sounds good!

  2. Aaaack! That poutine is screaming my name! Mmmm….looks so yummy! I’m learning not to read food blogs until right before a meal, teehee. Can’t wait to try Fatburger. Thanks for thaws updates. I love these posts, great idea Sharon! Have a great week 😀

  3. That poutine looks horrible. It’s very hard to find good poutine in Edmonton. I guess the closest “authentic” poutine i’ve found so far is at The Cheese Factory. Fresh curds and perfect poutine sauce! Only whish their fries would be better…

  4. Re: diner atmosphere in a mall

    Not sure if you remember Johnny Rockets at West Edmonton Mall back in the day.

  5. Valerie – I really can’t believe you’ve never tried poutine! There are “upscale” versions, such as a duck fat poutine, with potatoes cooked in duck fat.

    Lequan – there is another Fatburger in the city, in South Common (near Ikea and the Keg). Glad you find these notes useful!

    Steve – the poutine at Route 99 isn’t authentic, but I love it all the same – it’s my favourite comfort food.

    Shermie – I do remember it, but I never get the chance to visit it. I’ll wait for the City Centre Fatburger and see. I do hope they stay open beyond the mall hours though.

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