Food Notes for May 3, 2010

Though the rain brings days filled with grey, I’m happy to see that the rain also finally brought green to our fair city. Onto this week’s food notes:

  • Congrats to Nate Box on finally securing a space for Elm Cafe, at 100, 10140 – 117 Street. He hopes to open up shop on May 31. Follow Elm Cafe on Twitter for updates!
  • More new restaurants: Lillian reviewed Chinatown’s Noodle Maker (9653 102 Avenue) last week, and Kelly wrote about Rodeo Burgers (8525B 112 Street), a fairly new U of A campus option.
  • On the flip side, closures: The Cake House (12415 107 Avenue) will transform into the Cellar Door Cake & Catering, sometime soon; Wild Tangerine Mobile Cuisine in Manulife Place is no longer (not sure when that happened); and Liane posted that Gino’s Italian Kitchen has closed for good.
  • The same week Planet Organic celebrated its birthday (May 1), it also went into court-ordered bankruptcy protection.  Store officials say it’s still business as usual though.
  • Make that another local restaurant that serves an amuse bouche – L2 Grill. Check out a review by A Wannabe Foodie.
  • New-ish restaurant Oil Lamp (10247 97 Street) was also reviewed in See Magazine this week.
  • I’ve mentioned Culina’s Back of House blog before, but if you haven’t checked it out before, Chef Stacy Brown’s post on how to turn ducks into hot dogs is a great step-by-step guide, if you wanted to attempt it on your own. For someone like me, I have to get myself to BiBo, pronto.
  • Valerie’s post on London’s Borough Market is a must-read, her descriptions absolutely maddening (in a good way) and her photos absolutely amazing. It almost makes you want to get on a plane. Tomorrow.
  • Check out Chris’s video on his glazed bacon burger (2 Tim Horton’s glazed doughnuts + a Wendy’s Baconator) – it is sure to go viral soon.
  • Slow Food Edmonton is now on Twitter (currently maintained by our Convivium Leader, Thea).
  • I have added another restaurant to our must-visit list in Calgary – Janice’s Beaton’s grilled cheese bar.
  • Vancouver’s Mayor is pushing for more food carts, inspired by Portland (what isn’t inspired by Portland?). Can we have more carts too, please?
  • I haven’t been inside the Citadel Theatre in some time – four weeks ago they added a Second Cup! While we were waiting for our matinee show to start, the cafe was absolutely bustling – looks like it was a much needed service.

Second Cup in the Citadel

  • I spied this awning for a Pho Anh Dao on 97 Street, but I can’t figure out if it’s a new establishment or perhaps one that just caught my attention with a different sign. Anyone know?

Pho Anh

  • To celebrate the purchase of a new patio set (al fresco dining, here we come), we picked up some Happy Camel hummus and Sunbake Pita from the Italian Centre and Fairwinds Farm fresh goat cheese from Planet Organic. Not the most balanced lunch, but we certainly enjoyed it.

Patio dining, with view of my favourite canopy

7 thoughts on “Food Notes for May 3, 2010

  1. What canopy? I can’t see the same view you can through your photo? Wonderful to have HAD that lovely moment on the balcony, EH? Bah! Humbug!
    Thanks for filling me in and for your reference to my post. I still have some of the pate and cheeses in the freezer! 🙂

  2. Paula – thanks for the answer to my question! Today would have been a great day for pho…

    Valerie – indeed, we had good timing for once! Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through you.

    Kelley – you’re welcome. Hope to read about your eats!

    Chris – you took one for the team with that one!

  3. I’ve been trying to find out what happened to Wild Tangerine Mobile Cuisine as well…a lot of the frequent patrons were shocked too. I haven’t dug any info up yet, have you heard anything else?

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