Food Notes for March 22, 2010

I totally wasn’t prepared for this blast of winter, but then again, our seemingly early spring was too good to be true. On to this week’s food notes:

  • You have just over a week to get your entry into the Edmonton Food Bank’s Expressions of Hunger Contest!
  • I’m sure by now you’ve seen at least a few posts on David Adjey’s whirlwind few days at NAIT’s latest Chef in Residence. If you want to experience the Chef firsthand, NAIT has since posted the video, edited slightly for (PG) content.
  • Whimsical Cupcakes celebrated their first day of operations in their new location (8716 109 Street, next to the Garneau Theatre) on Friday. Their grand opening will take place sometime in April.
  • I had been wondering what the former Elkhorn Ranch & Resort space on Jasper Avenue and 114 Street was being turned into (a mishmash of banquets and chairs seemed to indicate some sort of restaurant was moving in) – thanks to Nate, I now know it’s the new location of CoCo Di’s.
  • The Journal’s Alan Kellogg positively reviewed ZINC over the weekend. I do wonder what “trash talk…in cyberspace” he is referring to, and why he bothered to mention the Twitter incident without elaborating on what happened.
  • Vue Weekly’s cover story last week featured the Enoteca wine system.
  • Via Chris LaBossiere’s blog – Riverbend and Terwillegar communities are gauging public interest for a new farmers’ market in the area. Take the survey here.
  • Mack sent me a link about a green roof that will be installed on the Williams Engineering building. While it won’t support produce, it’s a definite start.
  • Congratulations to Laura Calder and her team at French Food at Home for their James Beard nomination – they’re up against some good company: Iron Chef America and Barefoot Contessa. Award results on May 2 and 3 (I also love that they actively use their Twitter account).
  • Eater National compiled a list of “top 10 restaurant design trends that need to go”. I realize that we are behind the times (many of the trends haven’t even landed here yet), and I really do like Edison bulbs and chalkboard menus…
  • My sister sent me a link to a coupon that will get you a free pastry at Starbucks on March 23 between opening and 10:30am. I think it’s neat that instead of printing the coupon, you can show it to a barista on your mobile device.
  • Last week, I forgot to include a quick photo I snapped of David’s Tea, a new tea bar and shop in WEM. As soon as I stepped into the store, I was accosted by a perky sales clerk with a sample of a fruity rooibos tea. It looks like a sleek shop – I wouldn’t mind returning sometime to browse a bit more closely.


David’s Tea

  • I mentioned last week that the old Way of Life/Mode de Vie (10203 116 Street) will soon be transformed into the city’s latest Indian restaurant. At the red light – a stop-by shot:

Forthcoming Bistro India

11 thoughts on “Food Notes for March 22, 2010

  1. The top 10 list is great -can’t relate to it at all – Edison Bulbs would probably be really trendy here – but will admit that Sorrentos did the about the same time Gramercy Bar was really cool – when they opened That’s Aroma. No one else caught on to that here…
    And the comments from Chef Boy and one other about customers were hilarious.
    Great, as always, to catch up.

  2. “why he bothered to mention the Twitter incident without elaborating on what happened.”

    How do you know the Twitter explanation wasn’t edited out by the editor?

  3. It was an interesting article in the Vue Weekly about the Enomatic wine preservation systems. I think talk of keeping wine opened in these units for upwards of a month may be overestimating the effectiveness of these systems. We were recently at a restaurant with one of these systems and two out of the four glasses of wine we had were obviously stale. I remember talking to staff at a wine shop in Cross Iron Mills that also had an Enomatic unit and I remember them saying wine still only remained fresh for three or four days. Anyway, your blog is always fresh and welcome.

  4. Valerie – thanks for always reading and commenting!

    Shermie – I don’t know, but it seemed in the context of the article that it meant to be an aside only.

    Jim – I have to say my palate probably wouldn’t be able to detect the difference. That’s interesting that the staff you spoke to said it would only last 3-4 days with Enoteca. If that were the case, I would imagine the investment wouldn’t be worthwhile.

  5. Thanks for mentioning my article on the Enosystem, Sharon. Jim, you are right in that not all wines will last a full month in the system. The average seems to be about two weeks, though some wines will certainly last for longer, and others will inevitably last for less. If a wine crashes after three or four days I would be more suspicious about the wine than the Enosystem, however. I’m sorry to hear you had a stale glass; maybe the establishment left the wine in there for too long. Still, overall the Enosystem does seem to extend a wine’s shelf life by many days, which is happy news to any wine drinkers. I can’t wait to see more of them around town!

  6. Probably the reason I commented on the Enomatic system is my concern that restaurant staff may think that they don’t have to monitor it and know how long each bottle has been on the unit and when wines may be going stale. My experience with them is still very limited and as they get used more we’ll find out more how they perform.

  7. I agree completely. A wine is going to go south at some point, and staff needs to be aware of that. Really they should have someone doing a quick taste of their Eno wines every day – I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a volunteer for that?

  8. Oooh! David’s Tea is very good! Highly recomended!

    My girlfriend and I always stop there when we pass by. The people who work there are always very knowledgable and can direct (and recommend) you to something you’ll love 🙂
    We’ve always gotten a tea that we’ve been perfectly happy with that was perfect for each occassion.

    Although, to be fair, we live in Toronto (Yonge and Eglinton location), which could be an experience which is vastly different from your side of Canada!

  9. Speaking of tea, a new place called Teaopia ( just opened up yesterday in Kingsway Mall. Looks like from their website they have a lot more variety than David’s Tea if you get a chance to check it out.

    Haven’t got a chance to actually go in yet, just saw that it’s open and checked out their website.

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