Food Notes for February 23, 2010

March is shaping up to be a busy month – but I guess that’s no excuse to let my weekly notes lapse until today. Anyway, better late than never…

  • If you haven’t signed up for the Edmonton Foodie Meetup yet, but are intending to join us, please leave your name (and restaurant choice) on the wiki soon – should be a great evening!
  • Edmonton’s seventh annual Downtown Dining Week runs March 5-14, 2010, and offers pre-fixe meals for $15, $25 and $50. Mack and I have a reservation at ZINC.
  • Mark your calendars – Indulgence, a Canadian epic of food and wine, will take place on June 14 this year. I went last year, and well, the photos speak for themselves. Tickets are $50 and will be available after March 30.
  • Mack posted about the second reading of the Municipal Development Plan, and the Greater Edmonton Alliance’s successful campaign to fill City Hall with supporters of local agricultural land.
  • Liane wrote about Bon Ton Bakery’s completed expansion – in addition to a new oven, they’ve expanded their grocery section.
  • Chris’s “breakfast sandwich throw down” is worth a look – he pits an Egg McMuffin up against Tim Hortons’ English muffin egg sandwich.
  • Another local food blog joins the fray – welcome, Lea!
  • Company’s Coming has started a new home-based business opportunity called Kitchen Parties
  • New York’s current “pizza in a cone” craze is pretty strange, but they look better than the pizza-on-a-stick I saw at Capital Ex.
  • I guess nothing is sacred these days: I recently saw an ad for Joy of Cooking frozen dinners.
  • Suspicious about the validity of expiration dates on food packages? You should be.
  • I’m a little surprised it didn’t come about sooner, but Scripps, the people behind Food Network, announced last week that Cooking Channel, a second all-food network, will launch on May 31.
  • Oh how I’ve missed you, Bruni: Frank’s take on the current level of gastronomic excess impeding a conversation near you.
  • Another NYT article, but this time on the wave of chefs on Twitter (it’s definitely a trend, but I’m sure the next group to be written about will be farmers – perhaps we are ahead of the curve, with Irvings Farm Fresh leading the pack?).
  • Perhaps all you need to get a book deal nowadays is to learn how to cook: a young woman in NY ate in for two years, and wrote about it (and estimates she saved $7,200 in the process).
  • I wasn’t able to attend the City Hall event last night because I was at a volunteer appreciation dinner, held at Tazza Cafe in LeMarchand Mansion. It was my first time at the restaurant, and I had a great experience. Though we weren’t the largest group (18 or so), each course was delivered promptly to all of us, and service throughout the night was great. My favourite dishes included the hummus and pita, and the chicken kabob. What was best about the restaurant were the portraits on the wall – a young woman on a horse in Egypt, and a suave young man seated on the steps of a hotel in Syria. It turned out the photos were of the chef’s father and mother, a silent homage to his parents who taught him how to cook. It’s hard not to love a restaurant with stories like that.

Appetizer plate

 Fattoush salad (loved the pomegranate)

Kabob platter

Chocolate cup with Belgian chocolate and pecan pie

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 23, 2010

  1. Irvings on Twitter. My gosh! I am their third follower, thanks to you – but I must admit… twittering really interferes with “real life”. I have purposely gotten into it to see how effective it is and to experience what is happening out there. I have had my account for a long time, but wasn’t really using it other than to announce my posts once. My parents got a free breakfast at Denny’s 🙂 🙂 🙂 because I was following Twitter – but other than that – we shall see.
    Have you seen The Read Onion? She is a local blogger,too – well, from St. Albert.
    And congrats on your last two Vew articles. They are both compelling. Whew – and a volunteer appreciation dinner, too! YUMMERS. Busy week for you. Thanks again for the inside scoop.

  2. Valerie – I have to say I’m not an avid Twitter user…more of a Twitter watcher, I guess :).

    Yes, I have seen The Read Onion too – there are quite a few new local blogs starting up, it seems!

    Thanks for reading the articles in Vue. I’m not sure I’d use the word “compelling” to describe them, but I appreciate it! They’re fun to write.

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