The Cooking Chronicles: Carrots Two Ways

Carrots are underappreciated, too often relegated to a mere supporting role in dishes – grated into salads, julienned into stirfrys, sliced into stews. So I was happy to come across two recipes that cast this versatile, humble vegetable into the spotlight.

Recipe 1: Spiced Carrot Soup

A Compliments Magazine recipe for spiced carrot soup was our first carrot-centric trial. With the addition of all spice, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon, we were in for a real aromatic treat. And while I should have left the food processor on a while longer for a smoother mixture, the final product was pretty good, satisfying in way that pureed soups always are.

Spiced Carrot Soup

Recipe 2: Allison’s Carrot Spread

The second recipe came from We Eat Together, the local cookbook storming bookstore shelves in Edmonton. I thought the recipe for Allison’s carrot spread (served with pita chips) would be a great dish to bring to a work potluck this week, held in celebration of Black History Month. I do my best to avoid the pre-lunch microwave/stove/oven reheating scramble, as anyone would once they realized the staff person-to-kitchen-space ratio at our office.

I had learned my lesson from the carrot soup, and ensured I left the food processor on for a few extra spins – the creamy smooth texture of the spread was evident even just looking at it. I probably went a bit too garlic-happy (not the best for a work setting), but blame the potency of the cloves from Peas on Earth, heh.

I loved the vibrant colour of the spread, and the amazing flavour that could come from just a handful of ingredients. Quick to prepare, great for parties.

Allison’s Carrot Spread

I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for more carrot-centric recipes!

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