The Cooking Chronicles: Gnocchi in Sage and Garlic Butter

In search of a rich but fast dinner idea, I remembered the package of gnocchi I had picked up from the Italian Centre a few weeks back (like Foodie Suz, I’m not yet at the stage of attempting my own gnocchi), and an Eric Akis recipe I had bookmarked some time ago.

Even though the directions were straightforward (and were written so the transfer and combination of ingredients could be timed perfectly), I still managed to cook the gnocchi too quickly and burn my garlic slightly. I also expected the gnocchi to plump up somewhat – but alas, the dumplings pretty much remained the same pre-bath size. It would have been fine, except I was expecting a larger output in the end – I think Akis’s “3-4 servings” was a bit exaggerated unless he meant for the gnocchi to act as a side dish.

Gnocchi in Sage and Garlic Butter

The sage and garlic flavours were quite prominent in the thin butter sauce, but I didn’t end up taking to the sage as much as I thought I would, and as a result, I’d be more likely to use thyme or oregano next time. Or, even better, make Gordon Ramsay’s gnocchi recipe that incorporates peas and a white wine cream sauce instead – yum. Regardless, I’m happy to have finally tried gnocchi at home – the pre-packaged variety makes it easy to satisfy any cravings for the pillowy potato dumplings.

3 thoughts on “The Cooking Chronicles: Gnocchi in Sage and Garlic Butter

  1. Sage is indeed a very dominant herb and better left for heavier dishes.

    Regardless, the image makes want to make some Gnocchi today.

  2. I’m with H.Peter. I find sage a meatier herb, and that meals sounds just about perfect in this middle of the road weather.

  3. H.Peter and Chris – I have learned my lesson with sage, and will have to save it for certain dishes now that I know its potency!

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