Food Notes for January 11, 2010

I am very happy that House and (next week) 24 are back with new episodes. And though Canadians are again getting shafted with a delayed broadcast of Top Chef Masters, I’m enjoying the show so far! On to this week’s food notes:

  • The last week of this season’s Meet the Locals Festival at Planet Organic south runs January 11-17 – check out their tasting tables and cooking demonstrations!
  • The Art Gallery of Alberta posted details on their new food establishments, including ZINC, which will be led by Chef David Omar. It doesn’t look like they posted a menu yet, but from the hours, they will be serving brunch!
  • Two local businesses announced that they are branching out with their second locations this year – Whimsical Cupcakes, with a new store to open near the High Level Bridge, and a second Padmanadi, a vegetarian restaurant with a cult following, to open on 107 Avenue and 101 Street on May 21. Transcend Coffee also posted an update about their second “T2” location in Garneau – looks like coffee lovers will have to be patient, as the renovations will take longer than originally anticipated.
  • Vue Weekly published an interview with Peter Jackson, formerly the chef/owner of Jack’s Grill. Since selling Jack’s, he has taken on a position of “Culinary Leader” at the Cheesecake Cafe. Perhaps this will be a trend in the next five years – chefs leaving independent eateries to guide larger chains.
  • The Bothy was positively reviewed in the Journal this past week. There was also an article about Edmonton’s growing hunger to learn more about wine.
  • Chris over at Eating is the Hard Part has a great series of Q & As worth a read – the first with the owner of GF Patisserie in Cochrane and the second with Duane Hicks of Blue Plate Diner.
  • This is interesting – the LA Times becomes the first major NA newspaper to shift their food section from Wednesday to Thursday.
  • Though it’ll likely be 2011 before it ever airs on Food Network Canada, I’m happy to see that Gail Simmons (of Food & Wine Magazine, and with Tom Colicchio, form the best reality judging duo on television, in my opinion) will be hosting the second Top Chef spinoff called Just Desserts.
  • Speaking of TV, does anyone else find those new McDonald’s advertisements particularly endearing? I’m talking about the Chicken Parmigiana, Big Mac and Egg McMuffin campaigns that flash from image to image, set to catchy, upbeat music.
  • The Tim Horton’s commercial featuring the doughnut wheel (in conjunction with the 49cent doughnut add on promotion) made me laugh. And while at Tim’s last week grabbing a drink, I was surprised to find a small version of the wheel in store!


Pick your poison (I’m a sucker for the vanilla dip, so I wouldn’t leave it to chance)

  • Though I’m not sure that part of downtown Edmonton needed another one – a Starbucks in Commerce Place will open February 4.


This will make it four Starbucks within 3 downtown blocks

Have a good week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 11, 2010

  1. I like how the guy in the Tim Horton’s Wheel of Donuts ad discreetly shifts the spinner off “old fashioned plain” to something more delectable! Another food commercial that I like is Maple Leaf’s Republic of Bacon ad that has the two guys in the “bacon spa” enjoying bacon aromatherapy.

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