Food Notes for December 28, 2009

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! We seemed to leave Edmonton at the worst time, just as the city was warming up! And though it’s not as cold as it could be here in Yellowknife, it’s still pretty darn chilly. A quick post of this week’s food notes:

  • I liked Liane’s article about upcoming food trends published this past week for the most part, but it should have read with a caveat that Edmonton tends to be way behind in embracing the trends, especially for her sidebar about trends that are “gone” – pork belly, cupcakes and finishing salts are still firmly entrenched in our city. I also had to chuckle at the quote from Dana McCauley about S’Mac, one of the mac and cheese restaurants  in New York – it’s been around for a few years now.
  • Chris has a great round up of the decade in food.
  • Many people were shocked when they read Liane’s post that Tree Stone owner Nancy Rubuliak has sold her beloved bakery to a couple originally from Montreal. I am glad the new owners said they will be keeping many of the same products, and are looking at installing a wood burning oven to recreate Montreal-style bagels.
  • Liane also had a preview of the cover of The Tomato, the newly-named City Palate magazine, which will hit the newsstands on January 2, 2010.
  • Both the Journal and Vue Weekly filed rave reviews for the Hardware Grill’s newly minted lunch menu. I can’t wait to check it out with the gift card from Mack’s parents – thanks again!
  • Interesting gadgets I read about this week: the first sous vide machine for the home cook (retails at $450 US), and an all-in-one Cuisinart Soup Maker, which combines a blender with a heating element.
  • I met up with Dickson for lunch at Dahlia’s Mediterranean Bistro in the High Street area last week. They don’t have an extensive menu (soups, sandwiches, and the like), but the interior is clean and the service is friendly. I had a late breakfast that day, so decided to order their last cup of lentil soup ($3.95) – it was delicious, and the addition of rice was a nice touch. Dickson had a chicken breast sandwich with spinach-basil pesto, roasted peppers and melted mozzarella. He said it was all right, but nothing special. Apparently they get their smoked meat sent from Montreal – I’d love to go back and try it.


Lentil Soup of the Day


Chicken Breast Sandwich

  • Mack and I finally decided to cook up the Greens, Eggs and Ham turkey bombs for my family that we had been saving in our freezer. Turkey breasts stuffed with orange-cranberry stuffing, it is the perfect seasonal dish for someone like me who is afraid of preparing a whole turkey. Unfortunately, we overcooked them, but they were still pretty good.


Turkey Bombs

  • My family doesn’t really have any Christmas Day traditions besides opening presents together in the morning. Sometimes after that, we end up at Denny’s for breakfast, for an early movie, or like this year, for dim sum. It was a packed house at Dynasty Century Palace – I haven’t been there for dim sum in a while, but I can see why it was so busy – almost all items are priced at $3.25. Quality-wise, we were pretty disappointed, but I was happy we were able to have another meal together.


My family at dim sum


Me and Mack

Have a great New Year’s eve, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for December 28, 2009

  1. Hi Sharon,
    While the Sous Vide Supreme may be the first “all in one” machine targeting the home cooking market the Sous Vide Magic from Fresh Meals Solutions is surely the first unit priced for the home market. With the addition of a rice cooker or similar appliance sous vide can be achieved at home with excellent results. That’s the route I took, with a Food Saver vacuum sealer from Home Hardware and an electric roaster from Costco the entire setup came to just under $400.00 CDN. For a first time setup it beats the heck out of a thermal circulator for around $1k USD and a chamber vacuum sealer for $1500.00 minimum.

  2. Thanks Sharon!

    I couldn’t agree more about the article requiring a caveat, as we are not exactly living in a city that welcomes new trends at the same time as larger metro areas.

    Are those turkey bombs available all year Sharon? I remember you talking about them you originally purchased them, and now I’m even more intrigued.

  3. We are fairly new here in Edmonton. Everywhere we have been – we have managed to find a very good dim sum place. So far – no luck here.

    Any recommendations ? So we are prepared to try any place.

    Someone recommended the New Tan Tan – very expensive and no selection.

    Happy New Year !

  4. Chris – I think the turkey bombs are available around Thanksgiving; at least, that’s when I purchased them. You can e-mail Mary Ellen to be sure though.

    Tulse – I’m partial to dim sum at Golden Rice Bowl, but some people also find it expensive. I’ve also heard good things about Jumbo, but it’s been a while I’ve personally been there.

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