Kerstin’s Chocolates: “Name That Origin” Contest

I popped over to Kerstin’s Chocolates after a meeting in the area late this afternoon. I had heard about their Name That Origin Contest a few weeks ago, and was intrigued.

Kerstin’s all decked out for the holidays

Anyone can enter the free contest by simply going to the shop. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, besides being provided four different single origin chocolates to try (and really, who could turn down free chocolate?).

Chocolate samples

Kerstin walked me through the process – I would fill out an entry form and if I was correct in identifying all four chocolates, I would be given a container of Kerstin’s Drinking Chocolate, as well as invitation to their final tasting challenge to take place on December 22. If I failed, I would be given a 20% discount card for the shop (bonus!).

Preceding the spaces where my answers would go on was a paragraph highlighting tasting notes to look for in cocoa from a certain region, whether it be citrus, floral or fruit notes. It was a good place to start, even though only one of the chocolates had a flavour distinct enough for my palate to identify. Regardless of my limited success though, I really appreciated the opportunity to taste the different chocolates (I have attended their formal tastings before, and I highly recommend it as a fun way to learn more about chocolate).

Of course, I put the discount card to good use, and picked up a few bars of Chocophilia. The shop is just bursting with decadent gifts for the chocoholic on your list, with beautifully packaged Kerstin’s gift packs, tiny bundles of Valrhona squares, and amusing Michel Cluizel confections like this one:

Good thing they’re not sardine-flavoured chocolates

The Name That Origin Contest runs until December 22.

Kerstin’s Chocolates
10139 112 Street
(780) 990-0011
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11am-5pm, Thursday 11-7pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Closed Sunday and Monday

6 thoughts on “Kerstin’s Chocolates: “Name That Origin” Contest

  1. So you aren’t Edmonton’s top chocolate taster? That’s a shame. 🙂

    I need to go down there as well, but keep thinking I won’t get any correct. Nothing says not-a-chocolate fan like striking out!

  2. Debra – I guess you were ahead of the curve; Kerstin said they are one of the most popular items in the store this year!

    Chris – yeah, I felt the same, but really, it’s a win-win situation even if you lose! And they said so far, out of the 30 people who have tried it so far, only 2 have been able to correctly identify all four samples.

  3. Yes, my cat has always been a trendsetter. Actually, I bought my chocolate sardines in Victoria when I was there last fall. It’s good to know there’s a store in Edmonton selling them now and that they cost the same price. I thought I was being ripped off by the shop, but they were so darn cute I couldn’t resist.

  4. I’m with Chris – I haven’t popped in to Kerstin’s yet so as not to appear a big chocolate dunce…but I think I will now after reading your post and Chris’ comments.

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