Get Your Chocolate Fix: Sweet Lollapalooza

Sweet Lollapalooza is the newest chocolate boutique in Edmonton, and just opened up its doors on Monday. After I read Foodie Suz’s post about tucking into goodies from the shop, I decided to stop by after work today.


Located on the ground floor in Commerce Place (directly underneath the McDonalds), the shop is easy to miss, tucked behind the escalators. The interior is functional (Mack said they were still painting and finishing other touch ups when he walked by last week), but the store is designed so customers have a full view of the chocolate room. Chocolatier Brett Roy was busy embossing (is that the right word?) chocolates during my visit.

Brett smiles

The friendly clerk was forthcoming with several samples, including their signature buttercrunch and rich hot chocolate. One taste of the toffee, coated in milk chocolate and hazelnuts was enough to push me to buy a bag ($12). Once home, I thought I would eat the entire package in one go, but it turned out a small piece really was enough – the textures and layers are deceivingly satisfying.

Buttercrunch and a sample of hot chocolate

Sweet Lollapalooza is a welcome addition to the city’s burgeoning fine chocolate purveyors. Stop in soon for a taste yourself!

Sweet Lollapalooza
Lower Level, Commerce Place, 10155 102 Street
(780) 436-3190
Monday-Friday 9:30am-6pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, closed Sundays

5 thoughts on “Get Your Chocolate Fix: Sweet Lollapalooza

  1. We stopped by on our way home today too and picked up one of those mixed boxes of 9 chocolates. We’ve tried the rum one so far and it was great. And I love the designs on top of all of them!

    You are right about the butter crunch… one piece is definitely enough. It’s rich.

    I liked the hot chocolate, but I prefer the more spicy version from Kerstin’s. Although the clerk said they were going to start making their own marshmallows for it soon… very enticing.

  2. Sharon, you may be singlehandedly responsible for an impending population surge in Edmonton. And a corresponding spike in business for local eateries.

    Okay, you may be singlehandedly responsible for *me* moving to Edmonton. For the food.

  3. Marianne – the bonbons are the next on my hit list :).

    Stacey – what a nice thing to say! A trip to Edmonton wouldn’t be out of the question, especially if it’s for a culinary tour!

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