Food Notes for November 9, 2009

Mack and I watched Broke, the premiere screening for the Global Visions Film Festival at the Paramount on Thursday (a sidebar – I love that the festival affords me one opportunity a year to take advantage of our last functioning theatre on the Avenue. It’s a glorious venue that was saved by the City Centre Church, of which I am grateful, but I would be remiss if I did not say that the city needs more standalone theatres – what’s better than the sight of Paramount’s blazing marquee?). About a pawnshop owner and his unlikely relationship with an ex-convict who decides to volunteer with him, it opened my eyes to how pawnshops work, but other than that, I didn’t enjoy the film. Even the brutally honest character of the owner couldn’t make up for the plodding pace of the movie. Anyway, onto this week’s notes:

  • Chris over at Eating is the Hard Part posted about two up-and-coming places last week. Blush Lounge (2940 Calgary Trail, 780-757-0330) replaces the old Ivory Club on the south side, while next to Cora’s, another chain is setting up – this time, a fondue restaurant called Melting Pot. Look for it to open in early 2010 – their most popular item is a four-course meal consisting of a cheese fondue, salad, entree and a fondue dessert.
  • Speaking of chocolate, Foodie Suz tweeted about a new chocolatier to come in Commerce Place called Sweet Lollapalooza. With a name like that, how could one not pay them a visit?
  • Though brunches at the ARTery are on hiatus (with the City Market in hibernation until the spring), the EATery is now serving light entrees Wednesday to Friday evenings, and from the looks of it, may even start offering Sunday night suppers soon enough.
  • Liane posted about the renovated Fantasyland Grill – now named L2 Grill. I’d be interested to see their new decor, but if they hope to compete with the likes of Cactus Club with the revamp, did someone forget to tell them that flambé dishes are no longer de rigueur?
  • Vintage on High Street has morphed into it’s third incarnation in as many years – it’s now The Common.
  • Valerie posted about a second macaron baking experience she had with Béné, another local foodie.
  • Cooking with appliances: the Edmonton Public Library is offering a course on “microwave and toaster oven baking” for teens – Easy Bake for the real world (no, I never had an Easy Bake).
  • Also on cooking – Company’s Coming will be holding another Scratch & Dent sale, just in time for the holidays. I went to a sale over the summer, and picked up some cookbooks at great prices.
  • This is pretty neat: a very visual “foodshed map” of Vancouver, to guide those seeking to source their food closer to home.
  • Something I always wanted to know (but never sought out, of course) – what fruits and vegetables are most susceptible to pesticides? This handy list tells you.
  • While not as comprehensive as the hamburger guide I linked to a few months back, I’m a sucker for polished photos that make me hungry – here’s a guide of one eater’s favourite sandwiches.
  • Curious about what the last days of Gourmet look like? Wonder no more.
  • With less than half the comments generated by the first 50 things, it seems Bruce Buschel’s part 2 of “100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do” is somewhat less controversial. But still worth a glance.
  • Starbucks’ Red Cup debuted last week, and the Holiday Drinks followed this week. Bring on the Gingerbread Latte!


Only 45 days until Christmas…

With Zoltan

  • We also passed by the window at Le Papier that was too cute not to snap. Janice even posed in front of it, ready to show Maple Leaf fans her true colours. It was a fun day – we’ll miss you Janice!

Grover’s an Oilers fan!

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for November 9, 2009

  1. Re: the renovated Fantasyland Grill – now named L2 Grill, according to Niagara-based pastry chef Anna Olson, flambé dishes (or performance cooking) are gaining popularity once again…most likely due to the resurgence of Julia Child’s classic French cooking.

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