Food Notes for November 2, 2009

  • Thanks to Chris, I found out that Irie Foods (10152 82 Avenue, 780-757-2022) on Whyte has opened. We passed by it on Friday, and it looks like it is a full-service restaurant, albeit a fairly small one. I hope to visit the Caribbean eatery soon!
  • The Journal reviewed Shanghai Grill (16336 111th Ave, 780-930-1828) this weekend, a new Chinese restaurant in the space formerly occupied by Grandma D’s BBQ Cookhouse.
  • The Journal also had an article about the struggle faced by the owners of Kai Asian Grill in the economic downturn (I have to say I skipped over the part about the sushi girls), and a piece about the rise in demand for Alberta lamb.
  • Liane helped break the news on Wednesday that Culina Highlands was named one of Canada’s Best New Restaurants by EnRoute Magazine. Congrats, Cindy! Also on the list was Calgary’s Rush, which Mack and I had the chance to visit in March.
  • Hurrah, Soul Soup is finally on Twitter, updating their daily offerings in 140 characters or less.
  • Valerie posted an extensive entry about her lesson with Duchess Bakery’s Giselle Beggs in macaron-making. Worth a look if you’re thinking of attempting the treats yourself!
  • Chris at Eating is the Hard Part mentioned that his last few visits to Transcend Coffee have been unsatisfactory on the service end of things. I agree with his rationale that being local isn’t reason enough to support a business – both quality of the product and customer service are paramount, and if it is clear that the staff don’t respect you, I wouldn’t expect any right minded person to return – locally owned and operated or not. I do like Transcend, and just hope that they improve this before the Garneau location opens.
  • Marianne over at Loosen Your Belt and Eat Around Edmonton wrote about her experience with the local delivery service Dial and Dine last week. I’ve never tried it myself, so it was nice to read about how it works.
  • Nice to see Sam Sifton, the new NYT restaurant critic, draw attention to Chinese cuisine with his third review. It surprised many that he ventured out into the boroughs so soon.
  • Judging by the 1,158 comments already accrued, this post on “100 Things Restaurant Servers Should Never Do” really hit a nerve. And it’s only Part 1/2.
  • A thought-provoking, well-written article by Jonathan Safran Foer billed as a modest proposal for eating dog. Worth a read.
  • Congratulations to Ken, (cover boy) Cary and of course, Mack for being included among Avenue Edmonton’s Top 40 Under 40, a list recognizing members of the community making a different in the city. The celebratory shindig was held at Sabor Divino on Thursday night, which clearly wasn’t a large enough venue to accommodate winners and their guests. Check out Mack’s post for more photos, but here is one shot from the night:

Me and Mack

  • It was pretty late when we left the venue after the event, and the only place we could think of for late night eats nearby was Denny’s. It’s been ages since either of us have been (not that frequent visits would be particularly healthful anyway), but that one greasy plate will set us back for some time.


Mini Burgers and Onion Rings (the burgers were okay, but the cold condiments and toppings made an already warm burger cooler)


Mack’s Grand Slamwich

  • On Saturday however, we decided to follow up on Denny’s with a pre-movie meal at Fatburger. Mack and I took my parents out to watch This Is It on Halloween night, and my Mum had been curious about the burger chain. We’d been before, and as with our previous visit, we found the meal to be not economical at all. While of better quality than most fast food chains, we couldn’t justify the $10.99 for a combo.


Fatburger and Onion Rings


Mushroom and Swiss Burger and Fries

  • Yay, Starbucks released their annual holiday Red Cup! It’s not as whimsical as previous editions though, but it does help cue me into Christmas mode.

2009 Red Cup

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for November 2, 2009

  1. The NYT list was definitely interesting, though I wonder about some of the points. I definitely appreciated the inclusion of: “45. Do not curse, no matter how young or hip the guests.”

    The first time I went to the Hat the waiter came over and said, “Hello, my name is Matthew, but you can call me Matt if you like,” and then he leaned in a bit a said, “My friends call me Fuckface.” Why say that? Is that supposed to endear you to me? It was incredibly inappropriate.

    If my party had been a group of rowdy guys at a sports bar, then maybe I’d have been OK with it (even though it would still not really have been appropriate), but this was at the Hat—a fairly nice place—with a mixed-gender party. Totally inappropriate.

  2. Nobody does it better than you, Sharon… keeping us all informed about what is happening where, why, and with whom. I think I do a pretty good job keeping up with my reading and my tweeting… but there is always a great little tidbit here that I have missed, and often a LOT of things I have missed. Thanks!
    (PS – since that lengthy blog with Giselle, and I do tend to rant on when I am obsessed with something – Béné Garmier spent her Saturday am last weekend teaching me how to make French Macarons! She is a doll! So, now I am closer to my goal! The generousity these two gals demonstrated through giving their time and expertise to me, and helping me to achieve my personal goal, speaks volumes about each of them.)

  3. Adam – wow, that’s atrocious. I’ve never had a server behave like that to me, so I can’t imagine what I would say in return.

    Valerie – thanks for the nice words! And yes, I saw the post about making macarons with Bene today – very cool!

  4. I don’t know about all this negativity regarding Transcend. I’ve been a regular customer since they opened and watched staff come and go. I have generally found the service to be friendly and helpful and no worse (or perhaps much better) than other cafes whether Starbucks, Second Cup or otherwise. I can’t recall ever seeing an unhappy customer.

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