Food Notes for October 26, 2009

Mack and I just returned from a week away from the city, spent in Calgary and Banff. It was a much needed mini-break, relaxing and restful. And of course, we ate quite well, something we tend to do when we’re away, and I’ll be catching up on posts for the next little while. I hope you all had a good weekend!

  • Nate Box, whose Elm Cafe was supposed to have opened by now in the space that formerly housed Hulbert’s, has hit a snag with building negotiations, and is desperately seeking an alternative space.
  • Vue Weekly wrote about Backstairs Cafe, Edmonton’s vegan “culinary speakeasy”. I’ve been reading about underground supper clubs in Toronto and other places for a while; it’s nice to see the trend finally reaching Edmonton.
  • There was some Chowhound chatter about Bulk Barn, billed as “Canada’s largest bulk food retailer”, carrying over 4000 products. Look for its first Edmonton location to open in November in South Edmonton Common (2077 98 Street, 780-461-4454).
  • Liane wrote about the longstanding Fin’s in Bistro last week, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary this month. I still haven’t made it out to the shop located in Sherwood Park, but intend to at some point.
  • The Gold Medal Plates (a fundraiser for Canadian Olympic athletes) took place last Wednesday. Chef Nathin Bye of L’Azia won gold with his Alberta bison prepared three ways, with Blair Lebsack of Madison’s Grill and Sonny Sung of Bistecca rounding out the podium.
  • Maki at In My Element attended Savouries, a LitFest event combining food with literary readings. It sounded like a great event; I am sorry I couldn’t attend.
  • Bruce at Moments in Digital did a photo shoot to help promote an Edmonton Food Bank campaign to raise awareness of hunger. The Expressions of Hunger photo and literary contest will be open until March 31, 2010, after which the public will be invited to vote for their favourite entries.
  • While in a Calgary Starbucks last week, we noticed a Calgary ‘City Mug’ (the branded cups are something I have started to collect). Why no Edmonton mug, Starbucks?


Calgary Starbucks mug

  • We also had the, erm, pleasure of visiting CrossIron Mills, the newest example of sprawling shopping centre design (more about it later). In it, however, we discovered South St. Burger Co., a burger chain that seems to be doing its best to source its naturally-raised, hormone-free beef locally. This location proudly serves Spring Creek Ranch beef. We were heading to dinner elsewhere, but I’d be eager to give their food a try.


South St. Burger Co. in CrossIron Mills

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for October 26, 2009

  1. FYI there is an Edmonton Starbucks mug it is 16 oz. size and is part of the new Canada Global series. I have recently inquired about ordering one for a collector that I know!

  2. I was at Cross Iron Mills recently as well and saw South St. Burger only after lunch. It did look like it was worth a try as did a creperie place nearby. There’s a pretty good wine and spirits shop in the mall named Cork with a wine tasting machine perhaps like Vinomania in Edmonton. Otherwise except for a huge sporting goods shop named Bass specializing in fishing and hunting gear, there isn’t much else of exceptional interest in the mall. We ate at the Thai Express in the food court and the food there was OK.

  3. M – do you have a link to it? I tried looking and couldn’t locate it…

    Jim – I agree with you – besides Bass Pro Shops (which is a gongshow in itself), there isn’t anything particularly special about CrossIron Mills.

  4. Thanks for mentioning the campaign Sharon. The Foodbank really hopes a lot of people get involved with the project and send in their photos and prose.

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